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  1. Thank you. I have tried making the changes and I can see more cohesion with the players. Now that am happy with this I have noticed that my some players are getting easily disposed as the other players who are viable options to pass to are marked. I am also unsure of the defensive line. If I change this higher does this compress the space between the defence and midfield only or does the gap from midfield to attack shorten as well. I am aware fluidity may come into this as well! I am concerned with many 'hoofed' balls up front from defenders. It's a curious predicament as sometimes these balls are beneficial. I would rather that the players do try this when the option is definitely 'on'. Lastly I am struggling when the opposition are choosing to go attacking. I have tried various options from going to attacking to defensive, standing off to closing down and trying to hold possession to pass into space and direct and changing players roles & duties but every time the opposition have chance after chance, usually scoring. Any ideas?
  2. Thank you. I have tried making the changes suggesred and have lost both games. That is not a criticism as I was away to superior teams playing a five man midfield. The link up did seem better so we will see against a team that is more my level. If the issues persist, does this mean that it will be down to the players?
  3. Thank you for your replies. May I please question your answers with my logic which should help change my understanding of the game. To be honest I have not learned anything new about the game in 6 odd years. Why would I change the strikers around? I want the DLF to have the AF to pass to on his left or the W on his right. What would changing this add to the system? I chose low crosses as my strikers are not tall by any means. What does the BBM add that the CMS doesn't? The tactics creater has the only difference as roam from position. Surely this would mean that there is a higher chance that he could be caught out of position due to this instruction. Regards
  4. Hello, I am a long time player and to be honest have never got a grasp of the tactical side of this game, no matter how many times I watch the game on full / comprehensive and regardless of monitoring the changes I make. What I do not understand is how to consistently make changes to adapt to the opposition or to get the best out of my players. I always start the game as an unemployed Sunday league manager and try to make changes in either three ways - Mentality, Shouts or roles. I am currently manager of Tranmere and am using a Standard / Flexible 4 - 4 -2 in League two. I have a lower than average team for this league and am mid-table at present, but how can I get that extra ounce or two out of my team? Le me please show you the tactics: Standard / Flexible (Low crosses) GK - GK/D (Distribute to full backs) DR - FB/S DCR - CD/D DCL - CD/D DL - WB/A MR - W/A MCR - CM/S MCL - CM/D ML - WM/S STR - DLF/S STL - AF/A What I am trying to achieve: Overlap of left side with wingback & wide midfielder Right winger crosses into strikers and provides attacking threat by going past DLF with right full back providing defensive cover CM/D provides cover for Left Wingback, but not sure if I require it due to opposition midfield having a lot of space in front of my midfield Strikers swapping positions to confuse defenders. Is there something I am missing? There seems to be a lot of space in front of the midfield and my players crosses from the LB & RW seem to be pretty ineffective. Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi Looping, I am by no way an expert but looking at your pictures here are my thoughts: No thrust from defence - both full back roles are support, if that is definitely the roles you want to keep do you need a defend duty in midfield to cover your full backs? Flexible team shape - I know this may not make much difference but with the roles you have chosen would this give your players a little more creative freedom and keep the players closer together? In some of the pictures, it looks as if your DLF & AF are quite far away from each other. (There seems to be two opposition players between them - how do you supply the AF to score if you have to pass through two players?) Changing roles & duties of forwards - Could you change the DLF to attack duty to get him closer to the AF?, do you change the AF to a DLF to get him closer to the DLF (S)? Lastly team shouts - If you are playing counter do you want to play out of defence? I am hoping you will answer because you were unhappy with the centreback hoofing it long , but isn't that what triggers a counter attack, players finding attackers in space from the oppositions attack? If that was the case could you remove this along with the higher tempo TI and have a playmaker role in midfield for the defenders to pass to someone who maybe more appropriate to start the counter attacking moves? It could be any of your midfield four. Lastly may I be so bold to suggest that maybe counter is not the mentality you are trying to achieve? Anyway that is about as much as I think could be helpful, as I am not a master at this game either, but your later posts were suggesting you were feeling quite frustrated. I hope this can be of some help, do not make all changes at once. Make small changes and see how it affects your team. Regards Darren
  6. Hi, I have tried changing the fluidity and keeping the roles the same but unfortunately I just cannot get my head around this game, and dare I say this has been the case for the last 3-4 years. I cannot tell whether tactical weaknesses are from weak players stats wise, their ppm's, roles I am selecting or is the type of formation & players I am facing. Over the last three to four years I have tried watching the games, seeing how players interact with each other and yet still I cannot achieve what I want. I have read every thread that has been written on here for the past god know how many years and the most frustrating part is that I know it is me and not the game!
  7. Hi herne79, A fantastic post here started by which I think is everyone's first love - a picture of a system worked out on paper ! Anyway I would like to touch upon a question that you have asked that I believe no one has replied to - the defensive role in centre midfield. In Fm16 I have too started using the BWM D as I found in FM15 with a CM D he started too deep and almost gave the opposition midfield too much time on the ball, then with his higher closing down settings, gets to the player who then passes it past him! I ended up using a cm(s) with hold position highlighted. In fm16 I have found the bwm (d) exactly what I would want from my defensive screen in midfield - its just a shame I cannot get the other parts right! All the best !
  8. Thanks for your reply, I have decided to change the 2 x cm's to B2B mids. Hopefully I will see these trying to go beyond the dlf along with the two wm whist keeping to the philosophy of possession football within the 4-5-1 framework. So next game was home against Fylde, who were a mid table team playing a flat narrow 4-3-3. I have rarely played against this formation and found this quite frustrating with three strikers causing a dilemma for the back 4 and my cmd, and their rampaging full backs that caused a lot of width and were in many ways the engine room of their system. Anyway I ground out a boring 0-0 draw, whist still achieving a high possession rate but in my opinion, futile if we cannot create chances like what our opposition did. So anyway here are the match stats: As you can see the crosses & shots are quite a concern so looking back at the highlights to see where my players were and reading the commentary to understand where the player was attempting to cross to, I will change the crossing to centre. As this is not a formation I play every day, I will not make anymore changes and wait until after the next match. As always any feedback welcome.
  9. Hi and thanks for reading this. I have currently started off unemployed as a Sunday league footballer and have taken over at the mighty Lowestoft Town Football Club who are bottom of the National North league. My vision for this save is to create a possession based 4-5-1. I want to be tight defensively with the four defenders and the middle midfielder acting as a holding man. The two central midfielders next to him working as attacking and defensive workhorse midfielders providing a link and support for attacking and defensive transitions. Finally I want my wide midfielders acting as inside forwards linking with the DLF (S) playing one-twos, running at defenders and generally creating havoc in the oppositions final half. So just to re-affirm: Who I want to score the goals - Both WM + dlf Who I want to recycle the ball and provide depth - All three CM from there respective positions and both of the FB Who I want to provide width - Both Full backs So this is what I have come up with.... With instructions like this: I have managed to achieve my possession goals. Normally I tend to manage around 60% or over. What I am unhappy with is the movement of the WM and the 'support' midfielders. We just do not seem to get forward quick enough to support the forward and the opposition team seem to manage to get back into their defensive shape. Definitely a consequence of our possession mentality! I have tried changing the wide midfielders to an attack duty but found that they were too far forward in the transition process and it was causing our attacks to fail. So if any of you would like to give me any of your thoughts, please jump in as they will be appreciated!
  10. Hi Captain & macca, I think this is why I am starting to lose faith! I already do this and have read guide after guide. Because I can not take any pictures I do not think anyone can help. Thanks Guys, after 20 years I think this is it unfortunately.
  11. Thanks captain. Unfortunately as I can not upload screenshots I will not be able to give the full picture of how I am doing. I just feel as the game is starting to pass me by now and this is no disrespect to the game at all, in fact the opposite - its me that is the dinosaur and is becoming extinct without being able to adapt to the game.
  12. Thanks for the replys guys. It's hard to put a screenshot on as my computer can not access the internet and I am writing this from my sons I pad. I have not added any team or player instructions on purpose as I wanted people to see how I wanted to play first. Also I am a massive fan of KISS so do not use many shouts. I always start unemployed as a Sunday league player so the players I have at my disposal tend to be pretty weak anyway. Let me start with my conundrum with attributes, let's say a winger: Do I have him with an excellent end product of crossing - crossing, technique, anticipation? Do I have him with excellent product to get to make the cross - dribbling, off the ball, agility, balance? Do I have him average at all of this? I have these thought about all the positions and it just blows my mind these days
  13. I am writing this post as I have been struggling at this game since fm14. The writing was on the wall from fm13 but with a combination of Clemons advised shouts I managed to scrape by. I have tried using a 4-1-4-1 but have not had any enjoyment with it, struggling to get the CMA to support the attack and The WMA to score. Nowadays I feel I just do not understand the game. I could not tell how a team is playing from another. I watch all games on comprehensive at least and have been reading all the threads on here for years. For my tiny mind I feel as if there are too many variables, attributes, ppm's, formations and different mentalities. I just can not work out why my team is winning or losing. So anyway, here goes. Let me explain how I want to play this time. I have decided I want to play with two strikers so I am going to choose a 4-4-2. I understand this will be weak against five man midfields. GKD. Nothing special no frills RCWBA. Think of cafu. Providing width, crosses and movement between the lines. The RM will need to be cover him. DCD. No frills DCD. No frills LFBS. Providing cover and support for ML who will be an out and out winger. RWMS. Providing cover for the RB RCMD. The anchor man in midfield which any team needs LCB2BS. Movement between the lines LWA. Provides width and crosses into the box RDLFS. Links attack to midfield on the right linking and dropping deep LAFA. The main goalscorer Control / Rigid I want my RB and LM to create space by being wide. My DLF to drop deep, create space and link. My B2B arrive late in the area and my AF to score the goals. I have chosen control to be pretty high and fairly aggressive. Rigid goes against the 12 steps but feel two blocks is right for this formation. Constructive criticism on a postcard please.
  14. Ill do it now cleon. I'm loving this thread and appreciate everything you (and the other mods) do on here. The thing is I always thought I knew quite a lot about football but as I am still rubbish at the game and compared to seeing what you do, I do not feel I have a lot to offer. So here goes - disclaimer, I'm not very good at this game and have struggled since 13 so this is only a poor / average users view. My analysis is only on the style of play and not on how to win the match: Welbeck / Bergkamp drops deep and Ox fills that space. Both full backs pushing up nicely forming the defensive 'trio' od 2 x cb's and cmd. Sanchez / Henry dropping off defender the attacking defender forth and back. Sanchez acting like classic Henry out wide and cutting inside Sanchez / Henry as a high outlet receiving ball out wide and running at defence 75th Minute Goal classic arsenal with Ox / Ljundburg goal Overall I think it was a pretty good representation. I think City were lucky to draw and Arsenal would have scored more if the Welbeck / Bergkamp role would not of wasted play by leaving the finishing to Sanchez / Henry. Questions I would ask are (to create a more likeness to the style of play not to win) : Welbeck / Bergkamp - too many shots / Good key passes / Did he dribble too much? (Role change - DLF, AP, adapted am possibly?) Cazorla / Pires - Was he involved high up enough? Did he create enough in the final third? (possibly make him more attacking?) A lot of shots were blocked on the right - is this a problem? Last of all maybe the defensive line could of been higher. I felt the tempo and mentality was sound but I felt as if the line could be higher at times which may have engaged the cmd earlier. Hope this helps cleon - keep up the excellent and incredibly thorough work.
  15. Hi hand of god, What would be gained from changing to the control mentality from counter?. I'm guessing with the shouts you suggested the team will still be deep to counter into space, but I'm guessing the players will be quicker to get forward as their mentalities will be higher? Also will it mean that they will play wider?
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