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  1. I tell a lie - I have a massive problem at the moment where fans are trying to take over the club and the current board won't let me sign any players whilst negotiations with the fans' group is ongoing. I haven't been able to sign any players for about six months, teams above me keep poaching my players, so I'm having to rely on youth players and they are baaaaaad! Keeps going from "talks are going well" to "talks have broken down" over and over and over again... Just let it end!
  2. No, never had any problems with anything, though not sure which version of Dan's database I am using. It might be the second version - it definitely doesn't have the cups he added for the newly created leagues.
  3. Haha, I've been looking for this as well. Guided Fairwarp to consecutive promotions, up in Mid Sussex Division 2 now (level 15). Bit bored of semi-pro teams poaching my players now! Can't wait to tie them down into contracts.
  4. Just won the quadruple in my first season as Fairwarp, looking forward to what next season will bring! Struggling at the moment to fend off teams from higher divisions poaching my players! I too have noticed that gate receipts and match day income seems a bit high. I’m averaging an attendance of 22 people, but when you compare that to the income a home match generates, the 22 people are spending about £85 each 😳
  5. I'm using a front three of: Silvano Obeng - played 5, scored 5, assists 5 Luis Cumbers - played 5, scored 10, assists 1 Will Green - played 5, scored 11, assists 9
  6. It is out now - look at the very first post of this thread. Dan means version 3 of his database will contain all league cups. Version 1 is pre-winter update, version 2 is with league cups for leagues in his previous database, but only version 3 (which isn't released yet) will have league cups for all of the added leagues.
  7. I've got today off work if you need a hand with anything, my setup is decent, happy to help
  8. It IS a cracking logo, but I like to start right at the bottom and see how far I can go... =(
  9. So every time I holiday for one day from 24th June to 25th June (on the same save), there's a chance of getting any combination of the teams from the 3 leagues below Conference North/South? I just have to keep going and going until I find the club that I'm after...
  10. At the risk of sounding very silly, I have a question I'm sure someone would be able to help with. So there is a particular club I'm wanting to use for this challenge, so I've gone on holiday until 24th June 2018, saved the game, then gone on holiday for 1 further day (until the new teams are promoted). If the one team in particular I'm looking for isn't promoted, I load the game back to 24th June, holiday for 1 day again, check the newly promoted teams, rinse and repeat, etc. My question is, am I just recycling the same teams over and over again by doing this? Do I need to start fresh from the start of the season, go to 24th June, save, try to get the team I'm after a few times and if it doesn't work after, say, 10 attempts, start again fresh from the start of the season? Hope I've explained that clearly enough!
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