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  1. Summary: Playing as Man Utd in the premier league, league preview news item states: 'If Man Utd fail to take at least a point in the upcoming fixture, Man Utd could drop out of the Champions Cup qualfication places.' Man Utd are top of the league by ten points and could still be 7 points clear of 2nd if they lose. Description of Issue: Man Utd are top of the league by ten points and could still be 7 points clear of 2nd if they lose. Points calculations are off, it would take at least 4 games to drop out of the Champions Cup qualification places, if not 5. Steps to Reproduce: see attached screenshot Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: yes
  2. I know it wasnt the next season, but Blackburn only lasted 2-3 years i think after winning the title in 95 if i recall correctly
  3. Just a small one from me and that is to get an agent, or more feedback as to your own reputation against a clubs. When I'm playing a career game and a decent job comes up I don't want to mess up my own team by applying for it if I had no chance of getting it but it is sometimes hard to tell, how about if you could tell your agent you might fancy a change soon and he could let you know which jobs are available and if you have a chance, and you could get him to let other teams know you are looking to move to unsettle their managers, I appreciate you can do this yourself already but this way you would lose your job chasing a club that would never hire you, and your board could ask you to sack your agent for linking you instead of sacking you for looking to move on.
  4. I'm getting at least 2 goals ruled out as offside every game, quite often after a free kick, can't tell whether a bug or my tactics!?
  5. I dont play FMC, but how would 'no sacking' unlockable stop your players from leaving for spurs? Wouldnt the one 'all players are interested' be more useful to you?
  6. north ferriby they are predicted to struggle i think but i got them up first season, strikers are amazing, defense and keeper not so much!
  7. Hi, Ive just reinstalled steam and the same problem is still happening, it also happens (and crashes the FM application) when i try to open the steam workshop page in the downloads screen in the fm application, the fm application wont respond at all, then when i close the program with task manager i am instantly asked by the windows admin thing to install direct x as a first time install for fm by steam.
  8. I am honestly struggling to respond without resorting to insults, but do you really believe that? Really? Eto'o has won in 3 Champions Leagues, Suarez only has 4 winners medals of any type in his career. Eto'o has scored more than 15 goals in a season 9 times, Suarez has managed it only 6, and 4 of those where in the Dutch league. Eto'o has won African player of the year 4 times, came 3rd in world player of the year, top scored at the ACN twice, and is Cameroon's all time top scorer. Suarez.... Doesnt really have anything to compare to that. Do you follow football?
  9. ??????? WHAT??????!!!!! Suarez dreams of a career half as good as Eto'o's. Ibrahimovic wasnt quite as successful as Eto'o at 'Barcelona where any striker could score in that system' was he?!
  10. Does the game take this fee into account when negotiating the players contract? like, can i get away without paying his agent fee because ill be playing a few million for the agents share of the player?
  11. I've since started a new save as Manchester united to try and get used to it, currently 4th in December, seems relatively realistic I think. Not having a problem with full backs as others seem to have, but my biggest problem is that I lose every 5th game! Looking at my fixtures I'll win 4 in a row or have a draw in there but the 5th game I'll lose, whether home.or away, whoever the opposition!
  12. Its a flare, happens usually in European games or countries rated as having passionate fans I think, came in a few years ago!
  13. I started my first game as Everton, asked the board for an extra 250k for Keisuke Honda and when they refused I leaked their decision in the press, after begging for my job back i was given a target of 11 points in 5 games or I would get the boot... After 5 games I was sitting in third with the lowest conceded in the league when I was sacked for only getting 10 points! Ive tried 4 different teams since then and I dont think ive managed 3 wins.... This years FM is miles harder than previous years!
  14. I haven't reinstalled steam, I didn't know whether it would uninstall my games at the same time? Is it worth doing anyway?
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