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  1. Unless its a set piece, there are typically only four different guys who are in a position to take shots during a match for me. The left winger has an avoid weaker foot PPM and hug the touchline, the other winger has get inside the area, the strikers upfront don't have any. The central midfielder on attack duty has run from deep. I can kind of see how the left winger would be hampered, and maybe I should remove the inside forward duty from him, but I don't think the other PPM's would make a difference.
  2. Is there any way to tweak the settings so that a striker is less likely to take a touch or take less time to steady and square up his shot once he's taken his touch? Started playing the game again after a nine month hiatus, and this is driving me nuts. All of what would be our best chances are disappearing in a blanket of "that was an inch perfect tackle" messages.
  3. I re OMG THIS Multiple instances in every single game, with every single team I've played with, in every match engine of fm2013. My only two previous postings on matchengine feedback mentioned this and I REALLY hope this gets looked at.
  4. I think Jimmy Glass arrived at Carlisle on an emergency keeper loan which would have otherwise violated the transfer window because they had no fit keepers.
  5. Thank You. Sounds like Russian Teams won't necessarily start dominating European play ten years down the road then, which was my main worry. Maybe I should have used just that as my original question.
  6. "It simulates the league better plus makes the top few teams more active in the transfer market. I usually pick "full" detail for the top 6 or 7 Euro nations then "view only" the rest. Makes the Euro tournaments loads better." This comment was made in a different thread, before full release of the game, in regards to the effect of adding other european leagues. I guess I'm posting this nugget because the sixty eight people who viewed this weren't certain how to answer it themselves? More likely I fancy they thought I was fibbing about not having found what I was looking for and was being lazy? Five pages of results from the search I used and I guess my good faith effort only amounted to twenty minutes but I was getting distracted by useful information about all kinds of other things...I literally know nothing about this game....moving on. No sweat, maybe this will help someone else like me out who has little experience with this game and is trying to figure out an optimal set up because he doesn't want to start over if the tournaments end up being compromised.
  7. If I've only loaded one nation, does that mean that the roster of top teams in the other nations will be impacted in depth/quality in Europa/Champions League play? Sorry if this seems unduly repetitive, I'm trying to get better with the search function but couldn't find the exact answer within a reasonable frame of time. Thank You.
  8. Try and keep a close eye on the bigger clubs to see who they release, and snap them up (if they will come to you....again your team and league reputation comes into play). If you are thin at a position, asking for backroom advice on a daily basis will probably result in some recommendations of exactly these kinds of players.
  9. I think it depends on how far advanced your team's reputation is to start with, and how many reputation points are available to be won by you in your competitions. Starting with a team that was newly promoted to tier 9, with no trophies or honors in its history, in two seasons we've won two league titles (by 22 and 26 points respectively) and a cup. The stadium we are groundsharing in (never have had one of our own) holds 2000. We've averaged 20 fans a game first season and 69 the next. I will be doing cartwheels if i can average a 120 in Isthmian premier next season. And this won't be anywhere near enough to pay the bills I imagine... I don't want it too easy either, and I expect the game is doing the realistic thing to me, forcing me to eventually scrap in a division for a few years, building up my reputation before I'm ready financially to move on to the next.
  10. Do I need put Steam online (and get patched) in order to get this achievement?
  11. @ masterofsuspense Thank you for the tips about scheduling friendlies with reserves and under 18's. I hadn't even thought about taking advantage of something like that because I had decided not to field either of those teams in the eighth tier because I wasn't certain that they were even playing any games in the ninth tier...at least no one on my staff ever asked me what players were available etc for reserve games, and there was no press clipping about results. I wasn't aware that there was such a thing as a reputation score. In my club overview all I see is the description "obscure". How do I view it? One of the dropdown links from information page? @Erimus1876 Oh dear I had no idea that the maker of the database would read this. I hope that I didn't come off as ranting too much about things. Having the opportunity to play at the amateur level and compete in the FA Vase (pulverized by Darlington in the 3d round lol) was a blast. Thank you for all the work that went into making that database. Thank you for the explanation about what drives attendance. I don't know how you guys are able to figure this stuff out. I feel like I've read SI's documentation inside and out and I'm just not retaining as much as I ought, or I'm looking in the wrong places.
  12. Please forgive me for the TLDR nature of this post. I felt some background information was necessary to illustrate what hurdles I'm experiencing. The actual questions are toward the bottom in bold. My London Bari team has won promotion from the Essex Senior League (tier 9 amateur) to the Isthmian League 1st Division North (tier 8 semi pro) and in late January of 2014 appears to have a very good chance of winning the division and being promoted to Isthmian Premier (tier 7) for the 2014/15 season. The board's brilliant decision to not turn semi pro until July 7th of 2013 enabled my amateur squad's contracts to roll over somehow on June 30th, so that I got them for the 2013-14 season without having to pay them. Even with that coup, we are barely turning a 500 pound profit each month. No one will be playing free for me in 2014/15 and beyond. My experiences have taught me that I can get away with or that I should have done the following: - Scrap the youth setup so that my staff doesn't saddle me with 20 bad players earning 6 pounds each a week next year; - I've decided to only have one coach next year; - I no longer permit my scout to burn through money, finding prospects that I can't develop quickly with my staff and facilities; - I've realized that scheduling sell-out home friendlies, with a big reputation team like Brighton reserves, is a waste of time with my (actually Clapton's) 2000 capacity stadium. I generate 14k in revenue, but 10k needs to be handed over as an appearance fee, and taxes on that 14k, and matchday expenses for a sell out, result in me barely breaking even. I would have made slightly more if I kept that friendly my assman scheduled hosting Wealdstone. (P.S. I tried getting scheduled away to a big team to collect that 3k or so my current reputation entitles me to as an appearance fee, but none were interested) - When hiring coaches keep looking until you can find one who is ALREADY studying for his continental qualifications. If you don't, he WILL decide to pursue both the A and B while working for you and the BOARD PAYS FOR IT WITH THE MONEY YOU'VE BEEN CAREFULLY SAVING no matter how low your balance is. - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WIN A REGIONAL LEAGUE CUP (if you are using the tier 9 database from FMscout that was uploaded in November). As a semi pro team I was required to offer a bonus (I picked the lowest possible option) of 7.5k to the squad for winning any cup. Tier 8 teams in this database are only allowed to compete for their respective league cup. NO FA Trophy and no FA Cup even though these teams do compete in the preliminary qualifiers of both in real life. After reaching the quarterfinals I did a tally and realized that I had collected roughly 1600 pounds cumulatively for my wins in the cup and if I won the final (assuming the same proportionate increase per round) I would collect less than 5k in prize money and end up with a financial hit of 2.5k (more if I'm being charged taxes on prize money). This is in addition to the 2.5 K I will have to pay the squad if we win the league. I've decided in the quarterfinal round that I shall play only backups, in the wrong positions, in an untrained formation, with overload strategy and shoot on sight shout enabled. That will hopefully let me avoid the hit and concentrate on promotion. I think I'm getting a good handle on what expenses can be avoided. I can use some advice on how to generate additional turnover however. Basically how do I increase attendance? In both Essex and Isthmian we have had the lowest attendance despite being very competitive on the field. Averaged around 20/21 as amateurs and 69/70 so far as semi pros. Is it because I'm ground sharing? Because the team was formed from scratch in 1995? Because the greater London area is saturated with little teams like mine competing for the semi pro viewing audience? Is there some sort of board interaction I'm overlooking that will encourage them to offer promotions, sales etc. If you've played in tier 7, what big teams have you had success scheduling preseason away friendlies with? Am I too preoccupied with staying in the black? If I overspend will the board simply inject a bunch of cash to cover the expenses they've authorized me to incur? For instance, despite no steady source of income, my board gave me a wage budget of 3.13k in the 8th tier which is bigger than some BSS/BSN teams I believe. I'm currently spending only 84 pounds a week in order to avoid losing money. What consequences might result if I decide to spend 3k a week on player wages next season? Assuming that gate receipts don't increase by a factor of 40? Thank You if you've read all this and have any advice on saving or raising money.
  13. If it is not too much trouble, will you consider introducing a "doesn't head a sure goal-kick ball over own byline when all alone in space" PPM for fullbacks?
  14. My reading comprehension of Chris's post is quite different from yours. The overall flavor of his post seems to express skepticism about dribbling being insane. He noted that he had not seen any crazy results, and simply asked a question about the dribbling abilities at top clubs. If there was any jumping to conclusions, he is not the one doing so.
  15. I'm sorry about not having the time to read through all seven previous pages...but was any fix implemented to lower the game ratings of defensive players when they commit horrendous mistakes that are currently not recognized as such? The thing most responsible for raising my blood pressure is when my defenders are all alone in space and then perform a backward-drifting jump and then head a certain goal kick ball over my byline. One of my CB's (finished game with a 7.4) did that twice in my previous match with Corinthian Casuals. They scored on both resulting corners and probably tried to give him the gameball after the whistle blew. Not a one time incident, it happens in every game...although we are usually better than that at defending corners. I don't know anything about coding and whether it would be an easy fix to make the defenders stop doing that, or if the situation improves once I reach higher leagues and the decision making/composure of my squad is hopefully better. I mostly just want the defender's rating to suffer, so that I can chew him out after the game, rather than subjecting my dogs to foul language and nearby loose objects to breakage. I got to hand it to you guys. You have succeeded in making a game that accurately simulates the real stress levels of football managers. And though I haven't played that much, I'm loving it.
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