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    Arsenal, Leicster
  1. I only run 3 nations(top only) on a medium database, with no other nations loaded, but I do only have 512MB of ram.
  2. In-Game Sons

    More than likely his brother, unless, you know, Walcott's loose and friendly.
  3. Preferred Shirt Number

    Ustari likes the number 23 Which has created the strange situation where my youth keeper is my Number 1 so to speak, and I'm pretty sure Muamba prefers some number or other But he'll be damned if he thinks he's going to get it
  4. Palmero 3 - 0 Reggina -Bojan -Bojan -Bojan Get In!
  5. Best 'day' of the season?

    April 7th, so I can go, 'Oh I'm [insert number here] old today, I'll retire soon I'd imagine' (I never do retire it's just nice too imagine a beutifal island all to myself, that my manager will go to when he's in his twilight) Oh and yeah the Season Review Day Oh or New Intake Day, so I can see what my Assistant says about the new intakes, such as this one I had the season past 'This Player has the potential to be one of the best players of his generation' then give him a 4 star potential I suppose I haven't actually contributed anything here, have I?
  6. 100 Million Player

    My highest was Radek Sirl for 11.5 Million, Not a good investment since he was replaced mid-season by a FREE regen.
  7. Oh, and just a point about your poll, thee's no H in Atletico Madrid.
  8. I'd go for Atletico Madrid, Aguero, Rodriguez, and Sinama-Pongolle, how can you go wrong. Oh and while your there, see if you can get Reyes scoring again, I never could.
  9. Santa Cruz

    I'd say it's more like putting a CD in a microwave. Just put the disc in, sit back, and watch the sparks fly.
  10. I was thinking more have the caps rolled up than stacked.
  11. Who can fit six caps in there hand, I'd say one or two at the most.
  12. Mascio !

    He's a fake! I feel so violated
  13. This is the thing that happens to me but with Shevchenko In my arsenal save he scored his entire seasons goal tally against me in one match (3 goals), now in my current game as Palmero, I was offered him for £1.4M and I thought 'Hmm, No your staying there where you can't hurt me(own goals and the such)' Next game against Lazio, guess which of there new signings gets the winning goal ¬_¬
  14. Ronaldo vs Beckham In FM09

    Plus Beckham doesn't look anywhere near as stupid when hes preparing to take a free kick.
  15. I never finished a season until I discovered the joys of international management, and taking over a club halfway through a season, my first experience of this leading to my current Palmero save, oh and that LLM experience I had in Northern Ireland(God-damn that was a lot of cups) but that's another story.