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  1. I build up my stats as head coach and manager but in the early fm games at half time or start of the game you inspire your players to turn the game around but in the new version of fm it as been removed you should be able to get your captain a v captain to inspire the team or come out and say in the next game why they didn't play well enough
  2. I have got fm 20 I play 4-4-2 formation I play with 2 forwards and after 20 games both players only score 8 goals I have 20 shots 10 on target and score 0 goals the other team have 2 shots and score 1 goal why is it miles the forwards go missing when you play Bamford and t Roberts I have the Monaco under 19 player who is Italian and another good forward as extra in your next update can you look at this problem it is hard work for a season when there is no consistency thanks Ian
  3. I found this not to work, it does not inspire your players, also the comments in interviews does not inspire the players, also player comments on the game does not improve morale and half time as well when you loose and respond disappointed to loose a game 1-0 when having 30 shots the players should not do the same
  4. the sporting director should do more to sell your player when you don't want him or loan him, to clear the squad of dead wood also when a player is sold or released as manager we should be able to explain to the fans why that is thank you
  5. just want fluid or very fluid back as a button and too play like that for the players, the players to move the ball better smoothly and give us the fans of your game more confidence and also the game briefings the players try and get on board how you want to play and like them, the game should play as a real life game for the players but it does not feel that sometimes when you struggle to score and defend and pass the ball, captains and vice captains should do more in player chats in the game to inspire the team the crossing is poor as most of them hit the first man the pass
  6. football manager 2019 with all the new updates it as got more difficult to score goals at the end now, when you watch the game in 3d the players dither with the ball when you play fluid also when you do team talk it would be nice for the players you speak too to improve there morale and if you loose the players would respond and the captain and vice captain would do more on the pitch to influence the team for you, so please football manager 2020 I hope your listening and reading this comment
  7. after all the updates since it as come out its lost its scoring goals and made it 10times harder, are you looking at this page SI come on the game play is getting worse. I want the game play to be more fluid and stop the players shooting from long range I can have over 20 shots and 10 on target and not score and the other team as 3 shots and beat me, I bet I am talking to deaf ears to the makers
  8. i also have the same issue but other football manager games don't do that and you expect when you sort out the save profile it saves it under one name
  9. i really hope sports interactive look at the players getting injured when they just get on the pitch, also the attacking and passing on the game engine it would be wonderful finally if they get this right and don't mess about with it too much to make it crap
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