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  1. after all the updates since it as come out its lost its scoring goals and made it 10times harder, are you looking at this page SI come on the game play is getting worse. I want the game play to be more fluid and stop the players shooting from long range I can have over 20 shots and 10 on target and not score and the other team as 3 shots and beat me, I bet I am talking to deaf ears to the makers
  2. too many injuries in a game and the other team don't have any
  3. i also have the same issue but other football manager games don't do that and you expect when you sort out the save profile it saves it under one name
  4. i really hope sports interactive look at the players getting injured when they just get on the pitch, also the attacking and passing on the game engine it would be wonderful finally if they get this right and don't mess about with it too much to make it crap
  5. :mad::mad::mad: on fm 13-14-15 bought FM 15 for £29.99 what aload of tosh the new look FM series is players shakey and dithering and dallying on the ball players having series training issues even in friendly games the passing is not there no one two passing forwards not scoring with i have 15 shots on target only get 2 goals also players getting knackered when playing only 20 mins my defenders just had simply clear the ball but dithered on the ball the other team came in and scored the commentry as to be faster the game play as to be faster also you get no action no shooting for long periods of time and it half time please up date the new patch to be smoother all game play actions thats my xmas wish miles
  6. been playing these games my forwards can't score misses a lot of chances and a lot of target i am feeling frustrated that i can't sort it it and Si games are to blame the match engine in FM 2012 is better onthe old platform and instructions for the team and the players don't make sense and i am lost, My match prep is at full in the one game i played i said to finish in the top 10 i was top needed 7 points to complete it had 8 games to go lost 6 2 drawn finished 3rd from top went to the play off lost on both legs then a stupid takeover and got sacked what a lot of crap what are you doing to the game i love to play,do i buy FM 2015 is it the same crap :o:thdn:
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