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  1. In my first season of my recent game save, everton were relegated. That one surprised me.
  2. It's the one major flaw with this game. That I will agree with. It's happened to me many times. Example 1 One thing I have noticed is that if a club are rich, a player will demand obscene wages. If a club is poor, the player will demand reasonable wages. This all hinges off course on the fact that he wants to join the club in both instances. Guillermo Ochoa left AC Ajaccio on a free on my game because he wouldn't accept their contract, its fair enough that he wanted to leave them, he was on 8,000 euro a week. He went to AS Monaco and is now on 58,000 a week. An increase of 50,000 euro per week. I wanted to sign David Simao and he wanted 4,000.... I couldnt sign him as i was already over my budget.... he signed for AS Nancy Lorraine for 9,000 euro a week. It occurs in both instances; the game seems to factor into account the wealth, reputation and status of the team and assign values to each co-efficient. If the co-efficient is high, the wage demanded will be high, if the co-efficient is low, the wage demanded will be low. This all hinges on the fact that he wants to sign for either/s clubs. Example 2 I have seen MANY, MANY instances where players will demand a huge contract, then leave for a new club and sign a contract that is substantially less than what they earned at their previous club or what they were getting offered as a contract. You want 200k? We'l give you 140k. Now You want 200k again? We'll give you 165k. *Contract talks break down. He signs for Liverpool for 87k.... when he wanted 200k at his previous club and was offered 165k......* Very very very annoying, frustrated and downright unrealistic for a game that prides itself on being the "most realistic football simulation strategy game". It is a brilliant game, but things like this just take away from the realism of it for me. And don't even get me started on Transfer fee's.....
  3. ASTRIX'S CAREER THREAD SEASON 3 - SEPTEMBER - HOW THE OTHER CORSICAN CLUBS ARE DOING A.C Ajaccio A.C Ajaccio have turned their fortunes around and are performing very well in the Ligue 2. Their new manager seems to know what he is at and despite what look like a poor team, they are playing very well. They are expected to come 12th this season so promotion seems to be off the cards, yet for a club in an insecure financial state this looks very promising. Star Player This lad seems to be one of the key reasons for their success. 4th overall in the rankings for player performance, he is doing his team justice and at the age of 31 is performing superbly. S.C Bastia From the above table, you can see S.C Bastia are performing very well much like their Corsican counterparts. Expected to come 3rd this season, I have high hopes for them and expect them to keep up this momentum. A good team and a good manager; a combination worthy of promotion. to the Ligue 1. GFC Ajaccio Alas, we come to this motley bunch of horrific players. The club are in adminstration and their first team is comprised of youth players and about 5 or 6 players who are on sem-pro contracts of 40-85 euro a month. This bunch are going down and Unless I quit C.A Bastia to join them, they look doomed. I will endeavour to help this club out in any way possible and MUST prevent them from getting relegated from the CFA next season should they get relegated from the National. A good month for two of out three counter-parts. I hope S.C Bastia and A.C Ajaccio keep up this form and some miracle happens at GFC Ajaccio to get them out of the relegation zone during the coming month.
  4. ASTRIX'S CAREER THREAD SEASON 3 - SEPTEMBER - C.A BASTIA Not the greatest of months as we only gain 4 points from a possible 12, yet it is still good for a club like C.A Bastia. Only four league fixtures this month meant it was an evenly distributed month, with good training time to sort out the weak area's and inefficiencies in our team. I have begun to tweak my tactics for each match, our draw against Toulouse is down to that, whereas I got it catastrophically wrong for our match against LOSC Lille who have dumped us out of three of the four cups we played in my tenure at this club. It's fair to say, I despise the team. The team are playing good football which is nice to see and certain players have really stood out as outstanding this month such as Lapcevic, our temperamental "Roy Keane like" CM & Ali who is adapting to french top league action nicely. Our main striker, Schreivers has only scored 2 goals in 8 games yet I am confident there is much more to come and he is consistently improving. 10th after two months, a very nice start to the League and I am hopeful we can only improve as the season progresses. My Mid-table aim for the season looks like it might just be achievable. I am dissapointed to have been knocked out of the Coupe De Ligue 3rd round by Lille but they seem to always play well against us, so I am going to have my work cut-off for our next game against them. Injuries Lapcevic - Bruised Ribs - 8 days Johan Blonbou - Recovering from a broken arm - 8 days Steven Roux - Gashed Arm - 6days Johnathan Robertson - Continuing to recover from a broken foot - 4 months Star Player Of The Month Islam Ali has been playing brilliantly since his arrival and continues to impress. He is only 19 and has amazing technical attributes for a central defender. He is progressing nicely in training and looks like a real coup for the club. This lad is the future of C.A Bastia. Best Youth Player Of The Month Joao Borges has been developing very nicely over the past month and is now looking much better than when we brought him into the club In January. The lad looks like he will be a good player for us in the future and I have some cameo appearances marked in for him over the coming months. I really like him as I think he adds a different dimension to our youth set-up and is a different style of CM to other CM's in the first team and youth team. Next Month Only three matches this month, the toughest being a home draw against Lyon. We are away to F.C Lorient who we face next and Stade Brestois who we play near the end of the month. I am looking for 4-6 points from these three games. Things Can Only Get Better From Here For C.A Bastia! (Wishful Thinking FTW) [video=youtube;dIj-6fr2SlI]
  5. Cheers for the input guys I was going to do both the jobs simultaneously but I have decided to stick it with C.A Bastia.
  6. I wouldnt call it that tough really. Real Madrid - Most Definately Inter - Aren't too good on this game, I've never seen them win the league. Liverpool - May be tough, depending on their squad in that year. Best of luck Your doing well in the league, its just a pity so are OM!
  7. Good luck in Sweden! The clubs are always really well run over there and for the most part it is easy to gain financial stability.
  8. Well done on the treble! Tough luck with blackburn
  9. Gr3at effort and well-deserved. I have never managed there, but it looks interesting!
  10. France National - C.A Bastia Ligue 2 - C.A Bastia Proof
  11. ASTRIX'S CAREER THREAD CONUNDRUM TIME Just been offered this: To go or not to go... that is the question... What do ye think guys? I know this job would be irrelevant to my challange, however it still interests me greatly, most of the players in the cameroon team are french also and play in the french leagues. Need some input here.
  12. ASTRIX'S CAREER THREAD REST OF THE WORLD Every season, I will pick out certain teams which I feel either overachieved or underachieved. I will be choosing the five best leagues in the game based on their rankings. Underachievers are highlighted in red. Overachievers are highlighted in green. FRANCE 2012/2013 Ligue 1 - F.C Lorient came a credible 5th. Ligue 2 - R.C Lens came 9th. National - C.A Bastia came 1st! 2013/2014 Ligue 1 - Montpellier came 1st. Ligue 2 - C.A Bastia came 1st! National - F.C Metz came 8th. England 2012/2013 Premier League - Fulham came 3rd! Aston Villa were relegated. Championship - Bolton got relegated! League 1 - Bournemouth came 1st. League 2 - Fleetwood came 2nd! 2013/2014 Premier League - West Brom came 17th. Championship - Leicester came 1st. Brimingham were relegated. League 1 - Coventry came 8th. League 2 - York got promoted! Spain 2012/2013 Liga BBVA - Granada came 7th. Liga Adelante - Las Palmas got promoted. 2013/2014 Liga BBVA - Espanyol came last! Liga Adelante - Racing Santander came 9th. Italy 2012/2013 Serie A - Sampdoria got relegated! Serie B - Spezia won promotion! 2013/2014 Serie A - Udinese came 2nd! Serie B - Siena came 12th. Germany 2012/2013 Division 1 - Hannover came 3rd. Division 2 - Kaiserslautern came 4th. 2013/2014 Division 1 - Schalke won the league. Division 2 - 1860 Munich won the league.
  13. ASTRIX'S CAREER THREAD SEASON 3 - AUGUST - C.A BASTIA Two losses and two wins... a good return for our first month of Ligue 1 action in my opinion. The players have stepped up and performances have been better than I was expecting. In the two nil win over Girodins Bordeaux, Lapcevic, who I rate very highly was magnificent. Two goals in one match at the age of 18 playing CM. This young lad is going to be a star. Defensive performances have been satisfactory, yet we will need to be more incisive if we are to score more goals. I may consider changing my tactics to include two AMC's to provide good, consistent service for Schrivers, who is playing the poacher role due to his speed, off the ball movement and finishing. 9th at the end of our first month. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all. Injuries Johnathan Robertson - I had high hopes for the lad, yet now his career here at CA Bastia is ruined - Broken Foot - 2 months. Johan Blonbou - Our vice captain went away and broke his arm. He will recover within 5 weeks. I am determined to make this young man into a capable sqaud player for the Ligue 1. Next Month More of the same. I am hoping to build up some momentum and stay as far away as possible from the relegation zone. Training will be defensive and ball control for this month. Individual training regimes have been changed to accommodate this. It will be a tough month as we have P.S.G at home, our mortal enemies, LOSC in the 3rd round of the Coupe De Ligue and Montpellier. Looking for 3 points only this month.
  14. Something I may have overlooked is that, I'l be sure to add it in at pre-season and end-season updates from now on
  15. Interesting selection of leagues. Not many FMCU threads revolving around Asia. I will be following this one. Best of luck.
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