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    23 Year Old Chap, From The Nottingham Area, Play Lots Of Online Games & Of Course Football Manager.

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    Programming / Computer Building / Repairing -- Football -- Liverpool FC -- MMORPG\'s

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  1. tribute to miles video

    looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.... im going to make a tribute out of playdoh
  2. there is one reason and one reason only SI would prefer you to use steam and that is : Anti Piracy
  3. lol this is nothing new, you could also technically play warcraft on the ipad, it doesnt make for a decent experaince though
  4. great news Miles, now the game has gone gold can you confirm if the Liverpool Takeover has been added into the game ?
  5. fml fml fml fml fml fml fml fml fml fml app, even if its only to check some basic things
  6. awsome, ill purchase it now, and report any issues
  7. having picked my new iphone 4 this morning, before i buy FM HH is it fully tested on the iphone 4 ? thanks, i did have a look but couldnt see
  8. Competition time!

    Please pick me! Please pick me!
  9. FM2010 announcement

    just to jump in on the DRM issue, i think its a horrible thing tbh and wont be purchasing it unless its DRM free, 2009 was the only version i havent purchased, as for protection, i just had a look and there was a working DRM free version on the net posted and avalible "December 08" now im not sure when the release of FM 09 was but it took them no more than a month to get passed it, it caused a mass headache for alot of users with the activation and was one of the biggest messes on a launch more fitted to an MMO launching than a football manager sim. no i dont know the figures but im not sure if DRM reduced piracy on FM but i would also factor in loss of sales due to people not buying due to DRM, people trying to play and not being able to and returning it to the shop or i even know of people who bought the game and then downloaded a pirate version as it was less hassle to install than the issues they were having with activation. factor those losses in with customers you may have lost due to them having problems activating, and the fact the game was STILL cracked less than 30 days after release im not sure if you would be any better off having DRM installed rather than the normal CD check copy protection. PC gaming isnt massive so it normally takes the crackers a while to pickup on a FM release and then release something, with DRM they still picked it up and got passed it, so i just find it pointless, but maybe you have some figures that prove otherwise ? also as stated before your also opening a can of worms with people attacking you for using DRM also.. added into the mix we see the Champ Manager team advertising CM 2010 for £2.51 seems like they are trying to sway some customers im sure more people will look at FM 2010 - £30 and CM 2010 - £3 and think, well yeh i know FM is "claming to be better again but hell is it really 10x better ?" 2 very differant marketing strategies, also the statement of "the customer isnt always right" maybe "the developer isnt always right"
  10. I also see today that you can pre order the "other" footie management game for the insane price of £2.51 ! 2 very differant pricing schemes, I think I'll hold off on fm 10 untill the activation drm ect is announced or not but for £2.50 I'll skip dinner today and grab that
  11. FM2010 announcement

    simple for me, looks great but if it has the same style copy protection i wont be buying it,
  12. it normally goes like this : you need high jumping and heading 16+ highest jumping : challenge GK 2nd highest jumping : attack near post 3rd highest : attack ball from deep guy with good crossing : short option guy with long shots : outside area EVERYONE ELSE : Stay back set corners to "6 yard box" you can get an unbeliveble amount of goals, if you have a corner taker with 18+ and a jumper / header 18+
  13. FM 2009 released in FRANCE today!!!!

    you think ? i know of 2 sites who have their hands on the game atm
  14. Got my copy!

    haha yeh that was class,
  15. lol anyone who "tested" the game doesnt deserve a copy