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  1. and how did cr play for you at the age of 35? considering buying him myself as hes 36 on my save lol
  2. Anyone ever tried:) ? Well after winning everything and getting the worldwide rep to certain championship side, I'm simply out of motivation. So I'm thinking of selling my star players and concentrating on youth at current disposal while turning the game into a financial manager, Wenger style lol. Curious to find out if a club legend manager can get a sack? and if so how bad should I have to be considering the boards minimum expectations are to win the EPL Anyone faced getting sacked after making solid achievement at certain club?
  3. Hello fellow fm fans. this has hit me in couple of my saves and am coming here with a question. Well after a solid over achieving first season I usualy slump, not so badly but still though, considering i have bought some better players in and failed to make a challenge for the top spots. So I wonder if the AI changes their game approach if they are playing your team who's media prediction stands at 15 or f.e. 5th the following season? Opinons welcomed regards
  4. I would say narrow diamond with central mcs set wide play @hug touchline could maybe do the trick. Gonna test it myself and let you know
  5. Great stuff, have to admit. Haven't dowloaded the tactic but tried to create a version of my own, inspired by this great read. Started a career with my beloved R.Sociedad side and after half a season we sit firmly 2nd in Primera, beating the likes of R.Madrid 4-1 on the road. The fact that you simply have opposition strikers outnumbered in defense is just what smaller clubs need as they usually dont posses two word class CBs. Our defense is quite solid as we conceeded only 13 goals after 19 rounds and scored 37. Loving the variety in attack tbh. Only thing that I've done differently is that Ive set Wbs instead of classical wingers here. This gives me lot more options both in defense and transition as well as in attack. Cheers
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