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  1. Should I sell RVP? Get a bit of money for him before he gets too old and got Falcao to play upfront this season anyway? Thoughts?
  2. Great explanation! Thanks for clearing a lot of things up for me.
  3. Not the most challenging one but I'd like to know: Louis Berthet (French)? Bert-het? Ber-thae? ...or what do you think?
  4. I understand how CA and PA works but have never really understood how 'Training for New Position' impacts a players development. - Does training a player in a new position cost CA points? - Could a players attributes drop whilst training a new position? - Does training a player in a new position mean that they wont reach their PA? I'm looking to retrain the player in the screenshot below to an MC because my current tactics do not cater for an AM. Is this a good idea and is there a chance that this will hinder his progress?
  5. That's a bit misleading then. Don't think a coach should have the same star rating if his youth training is inferior to his senior training. Pretty sure in previous versions of the game this was different. Can anyone else confirm?
  6. So the coach may get say 5 stars in theory but the training wont actually be as efficient as a members of staff who has high 'Working with Youngsters'?
  7. This is on FM13. I was always under the impression that for a coach to achieve maximum 'stars' in a youth training category they also had to have minimum 15 'Working with Youngsters'. So, in theory a 5 star 'Tactics' coach (senior) with only 12 'Working with Youngsters' would not actually reach the 5 star rating if they were a youth coach. However, I've just employed a couple of coaches who I'd say have fairly low 'Working with Youngsters' and they are still reaching their maximum star rating as youth coaches. Can anyone clarify how this works?
  8. I feel like such an idiot now lol. I am in the middle of a takeover so that'll be the problem. Thanks for clearing that up so quickly!
  9. Only other filters is 'Man Utd players'. Even when I press reset it returns to this and shows 0 players.
  10. When 'Unrealistic Transfers' is ticked my player search shows 0 players. I am Man Utd in 2026 and this should not be the case. Any solution?
  11. Mackenzie is taller, with heading 15 and jumping 16 he should be able to deal with the majority of high balls. Should also bag you a few goals from corners too. He lacks aggression, 2 in my opinion is far too low for a centre back. His preferred foot is 'left only' so could run into bother if on his weaker foot. Gelfi is a tad faster but not by much, he is stronger though. Gelfi also has better all round defensive and mental attributes. However, Mackenzie is a year younger, so his defensive and mental attributes should improve to closer to Gelfi's level. Gelfi's wages are also currently double the amount of Mackenzie's. Tough one to call but I'd buy Mackenzie if you want lower wages, want more goals from corners, want someone big who can win a header at the back and younger. I'd buy Gelfi if you want a solid tackler with a bit more experience. I suppose it all really comes down to the strengths/weaknesses of your other defenders.
  12. It would be good to see what kind of revenues individual players are getting you and what other types of revenue are being affected by different things. I understand this isnt Business Manager 2013 but I would like to play the game with the view that my football club is also a business too, something that I think is lacking at the moment.
  13. I mainly operate a 4-4-2 and my tactics have been successful so far. I don't really want to tinker too much with something that is working for me. He would take up the MR role and replace my current first team right midfielder. My current player is good but this signing will look to take the position to the next level and in turn produce more goals and assists. I'm in quite a good financial position and have over 50M to spend. So far into the game with player price's being extremely inflated I can't see another opportunity to buy a player of this calibre for this position for such a reasonable price in the near future. My only concern is that last season my bank balance slowly dwindled over the course of the year to the point where I was pretty much breaking even for the last couple of months of the season. We are also in the process of building a new stadium and as a club with quite high monthly costs I don't know if I should commit to this fairly sizeable transfer fee.
  14. Best and most favourite signing has to be Sherman Cardenas in FM 2007.
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