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  1. Which tactic you think better for Dortmund ? And best starting 11 ?
  2. Are them better than Gladiator V5 ? Gladiator is doing fantastic for me
  3. Raptor V4 is working great for me too, managing Man Utd. Last game 6-2 win against City
  4. TFF what do you think about Conqueror V8 in FM2020 ?
  5. Raptor V4 and Shield Wall combo working well for me with Man Utd
  6. And I noticed that not always what is working perfectly when you play a game alone, works when you goes online against your friends
  7. I'm with Man Utd and when start loosing is very difficult to change the result
  8. I usually use him at left wing because use Douglas Costa at right. Douglas Costa is going great but Sancho not...
  9. TFF using Cerber v3 what do you do if you start loosing a game ?
  10. Don't you feel that if your opposite plays on counterattack way, exploring your right and left defenders advance, you consent a lot of goal attempts ?
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