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  1. Enjoyed reading this save! I've never been successful in the welsh premiership however!
  2. Downloaded the 3430 direct and won 4-1 in my first game! is this the best tactic for LL you think? Question, what would be the best playing against better teams at home and away? and cup finals?
  3. What about doing this with non league teams? i'm currently managing Bangor City in the welsh premiership, and i want to play quick attacking football but it's just not possible with the standard of players i have! so i have to go for the basic low league standard tactics, So the aim for me is to keep trying to finish as high as possible and gaining more money in hope that one day i can get the players for my philosophy
  4. I've been trying to observe a rival teams tactics recently, and i noticed in every single game they play that on the heatmaps and average position, their 2 cb's (442) are almost directly on top of each other, So what sort of instructions have they had to be like that?? and can i exploit it? here's a picture
  5. Does it make that much difference in getting them upgraded then? It was the first thing i did when i got money in save with Bangor City! Don't know whether to upgrade again when i get more money or save the money to improve the ground or youth facilities
  6. Just had my training facilities expanded from 2 stars to 3, Will this make much difference in increasing attributes and even attracting better players?
  7. If playing a 4-4-1-1 counter formation, What are the best roles for the AM and Striker? Currently set to AM = AP(s) and the Striker is set to TM (A) Will the players still pump up long balls to the TM though? i would rather keep it on the deck and play through the midfield and hopefully keep possession!
  8. If this was you playing, what relevant shout instructions would you use? http://i44.tinypic.com/9jdev9.png
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