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  1. Enjoyed reading this save! I've never been successful in the welsh premiership however!
  2. Anyone got a database with all the welsh clubs that play in England moved back to the welsh league?
  3. Downloaded the 3430 direct and won 4-1 in my first game! is this the best tactic for LL you think? Question, what would be the best playing against better teams at home and away? and cup finals?
  4. Currently got a save going where i'm Bangor City in the welsh premier league, my board will only allow me to scout in Wales though, but i'm now in year 2022 got a lot more money than i had at the beginning and i still can't scout outside of Wales, i can't even request it from my board, and my scouts do have knowledge of other countries Is it a case of simply needing more money?
  5. Europa, Every team i've come up against have been too good for me because of how early on the qualifiers are after players return to pre-season, i've tried arranging friendlies but just doesn't help, they aren't match fit or have good condition Also, how should i be setting up against these bigger sides to stand a chance? A good counter tactic? was thinking of 4-1-4-1 on counter and flexible
  6. What about doing this with non league teams? i'm currently managing Bangor City in the welsh premiership, and i want to play quick attacking football but it's just not possible with the standard of players i have! so i have to go for the basic low league standard tactics, So the aim for me is to keep trying to finish as high as possible and gaining more money in hope that one day i can get the players for my philosophy
  7. Got a Welsh premier league save going on, and every time i qualify for europe, the season starts mega early and all my players are nowhere near fit! which means i never make it past the 1st qualifying round! Any tips? or am i just doomed to never make it past the 1st qualifying round haha
  8. What tactics do you find are best for in the Welsh league? and it's impossible to sign players too!
  9. I tend to pick Welsh,English,Spanish and German leagues with a large database! Never really added any other countries or continents as i never think it makes much of a difference?
  10. Think all your staff and players have to be on full time contracts
  11. Gonna give this a go in lower league see how it does
  12. Anyone managed a club in the WPL yet? how you finding it signings players? I think it's even more difficult that FM2013!! and that was hard enough
  13. Just started a new game as Liverpool, I always do badly when i pick them so i hope this time i do better! Gonna play a 433 for now with Suarez up to and Coutinho and Sturridge on the wings! No idea who to buy though, £15million budget isn't a lot but i guess player sales could help, Everyone seems to sell Lucas?
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