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  1. Just purchased FM20 yesterday on Windows through steam, got everything all set up but when I go to start a save no matter what I do the options to select badges and experience are greyed out and I cannot adjust them. I've tried starting several different saves and keep finding this same issue regardless.
  2. This file isn't working past the first season for me. Im now into April 2018 and the fixtures for the new season still haven't been generated. I've had preseason and everything but the new season just doesn't start.
  3. I rolled back the driver and haven't had a crash in roughly an hour of game play. It seems like that's resolved it, at least for now. Guess the new Nvidia driver doesn't agree with FM.
  4. Similar timeframe for me too. Never happened before a couple days ago. Official word would be nice.
  5. For the past few days my game has started crashing to desktop without warning. This happens in all stages of the game, from the title screen, to loading a save, to playing a match, to advancing days. The window will suddenly turn white and then after about ten seconds the game will exit with no error message and no crash dump. I've reinstalled the game, deleted the cache and preferences, removed all skins and custom graphics, made sure my drivers were up to date. Still happening frequently. I've attached my DXDIAG to this post. Note that the dxdiag report is only showing integrated graphics, however my laptop has a dedicated card it uses for games, and thats a nvidia geforce gtx 950m. DxDiag.txt
  6. Black stars are uncertain potential. The player might be able to grow to be that good, maybe not. The scout isn't positive yet. I've seen plenty end up being the the yellow stars only, and i've seen plenty end up filling the black stars. The players your scouts find are all down to the assignments they're given. If you chose to have this handled automatically, this is going to limit you seriously. A good thing to do is assign your scouts to specific countries or regions (matched with their knowledge, if possible) for at least 3 months, with instructions to scout any player, auto budget, either 3 or 3.5 star potential ability. Maybe set some filters for a few stats if you want. Rotate target locations every once in a while to make sure you're continually expanding that world knowledge %.
  7. The negative consequences of the things you suggest really should be listed in the post. They can seriously effect play during the game.
  8. The real answer is there are files available to FIFA-fy the game as you're asking about, yes.
  9. Except what I mean is the game is simulator, and has Brexit because it's real and it really will make it harder for clubs. If you do not like these real life details, there are other games available which do not have them.
  10. Well, they HAVE improved this during the last five years.
  11. I read it sometimes, the rest of the times I just hit space bar. Not worth it to get annoyed at something one keypress and one second will get rid of.
  12. I'm pretty sure you can offer to clubs, set a price (or unspecified) and then in the bottom left corner there's a box that says "transfer list and set to not needed" if you untick that he'll stay off the list. However I find normally the reply to this is that teams aren't interested because the player isn't on the list. Still worth a shot.
  13. It is genuinely amazing to me that after all this time, people get mad at how they THINK the player roles system work, and ignore when it's actually explained to them.
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