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  1. I second what many others have said - these threads have been superb, some of the best work I've read in a long time. In terms of suggestions, I feel it's a bit futile me suggesting a formation to you, as you've covered a huge number already, but how about a specific style? You've mentioned you are aiming for a lower amount of possession this season in your 532, how about going a step further and trying to emulate an Atletico or Uruguay style? Obviously, you've already covered the diamond and 442 to an extent, so I'd leave the shape up to you, but I'd definitely be interested in reading a series where you perhaps aim to be defensively solid over all else, maybe focusing on keeping clean sheets, breaking defensive records etc? Maybe less than 10 goals in the league season or at least 25 clean sheets for your keeper? I've seen a lot of attacking tactics this year, but not too much on defensive systems, combine this with your systems that have increased their attacking prowess as you've got stronger, it could be intriguing to see if you could dial it all the way back down to just be resolute defensively, whilst still winning the league. Even if you don't go down this route, I'd happily read whatever you choose to focus on! Great work, keep it up :)
  2. Really like the looks of this system, it's very intriguing. Just as a quick aside, do you ever consider changing the roles of the central midfield two in game to try to exploit spaces? Think that would be something I'd potentially look to utilize in certain games against particular shapes.
  3. Thanks for this advice, I've always missed out on things such as an unbeaten season or a consistent cup run due to me messing up teamtalks and causing complacency by sticking with the same sort of team talk when we are winning. I will try and implement some of these ideas and see if I can affect results! As essentially all of my first team have a determined or professional personality, I needn't worry too much about the media comments saying it will be an easy win, as they should still want to win regardless right?
  4. I'm not sure if the OP is going to take you up on the offer of help, but I wouldn't mind picking your brains regarding teamtalks and how to prevent complacency setting in when on a winning run. I do fairly well tactically to get myself into a position to challenge and then we get a few sloppy losses that I'm sure are due to my Teamtalks, do you have any tips on how to prevent complancency when winning at all?
  5. Hi guys, apologies for bumping this thread. I have been trying to change my Manager Profile Picture, I managed to create myself a facegen manager picture to use in game but I didn't really want to start a new save just to get the picture into the game. I followed the steps above but for some reason it's still not working for me. The coding I used is below, can anyone see if I have made a rookie error?! <record> <!-- resource manager options --> <!-- dont preload anything in this folder --> <boolean id="dpre" value="true"/> <!-- turn off auto mapping --> <boolean id="amap" value="false"/> <!-- logo mappings --> <!-- the following XML maps pictures inside this folder into other positions in the resource system, which allows this folder to be dropped into any place in the graphics folder and still have the game pick up the graphics files from the correct places --> <list id="maps"> <record from="1394666333" to="graphics/pictures/person/mattfacegenfinal2/portrait"/> </list> </record> I'm not sure if I have done it correctly or not but I still have the hollow white silhouette on the manager profile page Thanks for any help!
  6. Hey guys, has anyone got a save that had Stafford Rangers promoted? Have been reloading all weekend and still haven't seen them
  7. Yep, I understand, I had system on a 442 that had a wrong-footed winger that sat narrower to allow a full back to bomb forward past him. Worked quite well as it meant we had additional numbers in the middle of the park too. I have been researching a 4132 with a narrow 3 in midfield a bit and I have found that as I am a little unsure how to set the 3 midfielders up how England did in the 1966 World Cup, I may set them in those positions but alter the roles and duties so it actually plays out more like a 41212 narrow formation. I'm not sure if that is immediately going away from what I originally intended though which is quite unfortunate. How would you guys set up the central midfield 3 in a 4132? I've pretty much settled on an Anchorman in the DMC position. I was also considering using a more static midfielder on one of the sides of the midfield 3 to enable a full back to bomb on down the same side as I figured with a lack of width from the midfield we would need the full backs to contribute and with an Anchorman sitting in front of the defence, I could probably afford to release one of my Full backs. On the opposite side to that full back I was tempted to make the wider of the three midfielders run wide with the ball or play wider so that he could provide width and a variation to the attack. I would couple this on the same side with perhaps a DLF-support to drop into space. I am unsure of the other roles that I could use though, I am just brainstorming there, would be interesting to get others views too!
  8. Do you not find that sometimes your wide midfielders struggle to get into the game as they are both on the same settings wm-a? Having 3 of the midfielders on an attack duty is a bit cavalier for me! I have actually been thinking a bit more about other formations I could use today and I am incredibly tempted to have an attempt at "The Wingless Wonders" of England's 1966 world cup winning team when Sir Alf played a 4132 from the quarter finals onwards, I just need to have a look around to find a few articles on it and perhaps a video or two so I can have a look at how they played. I do seem to remember though that aside from the final, England did have a very good defensive record, so I may look to try and bring that into my play somehow!
  9. I was hoping you guys could help me out. I am currently on a journeyman save that has so far taken me from MK Dons, to Blackburn, to Ajax and now to the Dutch National side. I have had varying levels of success at each side. I played fairly gungho football at mk dons and blackburn and it took me to the league one title and Johnstone's paint trophy in the first season and a solid 5th placed finish in the second season (at blackburn). I then moved onto ajax and had a fairly decent time there. I won the league twice on the trot, but failed miserably in the cup, super cup and champions league. Which brings me onto my questions. I played a possession style of football at Ajax, would be a shame not to. But I got a bit fed up to losing to big teams, PSV in 4 domestic finals and then the higher seeds in europe. As I have now moved on from Ajax I thought it would be an ideal time to build myself a new tactic, one that is completely different to what I've used before. I was frustrated with conceding a fair few goals, especially against the big teams. I have been a little inspired by the Catenaccio thread by Ackter as this is a similar style as what I wanted to play. Nowhere near the complexity of his formations and instructions, but the same sort of style. I want to be able to keep it tight at the back, soak up pressure, defend extremely well and organized, and then hit on the break. I am not really fussed what type of formation I use to achieve this, I initially quite fancied the idea of a 4411 but I had worries about if I was hitting teams on the break, my front man and potentially the amc may be a little isolated. I then toyed with the idea of a 433 (4-1-2-2-1) but again, I wasn't sure if the front man would be isolated and indeed if the wingers would offer enough defensively. My first question is how would most others set up their tactic if they were looking to set up a defensive, counter attacking tactic? What sort of team instructions would they use? I would have thought something along the lines of: Drop deeper Stay on Feet Be More disciplined Pass into space More Direct Along with perhaps a Rigid and Defensive/Counter strategy? Secondly, on a slightly different topic, how do people tweak their systems on a game to game basis? For example, I could look through a scouting report for the opposition and note that they have a really creative AMC, usually i would just get my dmc to man mark him. However, if I have looked through and seen that they have a left winger that is creating a lot of chances, how would I go about shutting him down? I did have another question but I have forgotten it, hopefully this will create some talking points to give me a hand in the meantime though!
  10. It's really opening up a whole new can of worms if we are gonna bring Spurs into this debate. We have been woeful this season, the main problems have all seemed so obvious to most people aside from AVB.
  11. Thanks for this, it gives me another thing to think about, I think I'm about to get the sack on my Swindon game so I may start a save higher up to help me practice. I have a feeling that my insistence on using the front 3 of ss-eng-ss is limiting me somewhat, especially when I struggle to get width. Everything gets channeled through the middle and teams find it extremely easy to shut me down. I need to find a way to occupy the opp full backs to stop them just dropping in narrow alongside their cbs and shutting out my front 3 in tandem with their dmc. If I can somehow keep them occupied out wide then they won't be able to drop narrower. I was thinking of perhaps making my lb/rb into lwb/rwb to try and push them further up the pitch to engage the opp full backs but then I may have to drop my defensive midfielder into the back line, thus completely changing my formation I did make a reactive change yesterday with my front 3 that worked really well as my enganche Ryan mason couldn't get on the ball and was being forced to drop deeper and deeper to mark the opp dmc who was dictating play and moving forward, so I changed his role to trequartista so that he roamed about a bit more and did less pressing and marking and all of a sudden we had an outlet, everything was being channelled through him, this in turn made their dmc stop going forward and dictating play as he became more focused on trying to shut mason down. I do think I limit myself by my reluctance to change the shadow strikers though, I'm also not entirely convinced my two cm pairing is as productive as it can be, it doesn't get involved much going forward, I wasn't sure I wanted them to as they may crowd a central space with yet another player. But I am seeing a lot of the ball going forward and me just having my front three in the opp half and it invariably comes to nothing, so I do think I need another lane of attack, be it from wide or central midfield runners, just not too sure how to implement it atm.
  12. Not gonna lie, pretty horrifically tbh haha. I have a slight feeling the way I've set my team up isn't really condusive to playing strikerless. I did leave all team instructions blank from the start of the season just so I could get a feeling of what could be changed. I am starting to get the feeling there is something fundamentally wrong with either the formation or my player roles. particularly defensively and the DMC. I seem to be having a lot of games where i'd be 0-0 or 1-0 up and then I'd go counter with 10 mins to go as they were attacking and i don't have faith in the ability of my team to keep the ball and we will go and lose. But there are an equal amount of games that I will lose 1 or 2-0. I think I have two main problems from what I can see, but it's difficult to confirm. I think my hands are quite tied by the fact I insist upon using a "front 3" of shadowstriker-enganche-shadow striker. Secondly, I think my back 4 and dmc combination is causing me to be quite open. I am currently using two wing backs on automatic duty with a regulation defensive midfielder - defend. I initially thought to solve me getting torn apart I could change my wing backs to full backs, but then as they are the only players out wide, i thought I might start to lack width and become one dimensional through the middle, a team playing a 4231 with two dmc's would shut me out instantly. Secondly I thought of maybe changing my defensive midfielder to a half back to provide some defensive support whilst the wing backs are bombing forward. I need to have a look through some of my old matches tonight so that I can try and work out why i was conceding goals, scoring wasn't really a problem, but conceding was. I desperately want to get it right though, I could go back to a regulation 442 or 4231 as I know what I'm doing with those but i think it will be more beneficial for me to learn and adapt this in order to try and get it right and to win stuff with this.
  13. For what it's worth, here's my opinion. I definitely think you should continue this thread in some way or another. I found it incredibly helpful where you mentioned what you were seeing in game and gave a screenshot to help illustrate as although it makes it blindingly obvious, i do struggle to see what's going on apart from general "god, we are getting battered here" or "great, I'm 3-0 up I'll go make a bevvy, I'll worry about the second half later." So when you mentioned that you weren't making the opposition defend and your two cm's were tied up by the oppositions flat 5 and how you changed it, I began thinking of how to implement that style of thinking in my game. If more people used threads like this to implement ideas and theories into their own unique tactics rather than mindlessly copying a tactic as they see someone else gets success then I'm sure they would enjoy the game a lot more. I have created a striker less tactic, and I'm having a great deal of difficulty with it, but this thread has been really useful as it's taught me a bit about how other people think and what they see whilst in game, and different ideas on how to deal with it. Personally, I don't want to find myself coming on the forums and saying "can someone fix this for me", I want to learn how to spot the problem myself and bounce ideas off of other people on how to fix it, so that I can develop a sound enough knowledge that I can develop weird and wonderful tactics without fear of defeat or the sack as I'll know that in game I'd be able to notice what's going wrong and how to fix it. I may have a different opinion of how to fix a problem than someone else. But surely we should all see a problem the same way? This is where I struggle...identifying where something is going wrong and why I'm not consistent. Therefore, posts such as this thread has helped teach me how to spot problems, to see more examples would be fantastic!!
  14. Great thread Cleon, I have picked up quite a bit from this thread in terms of general principles as opposed to blindly copying a tactic. I do have a question though, when you are in the lead of a game and the scoreline is quite tight, 1-0, 2-0 etc. would you do anything to close the game out in the last 15-20 mins or would you just leave it as it is? I have been developing my strikerless tactic and I seem to start off very well during a game and then once I'm in the lead for the last 15 mins I will drop it down to control and promptly concede and go onto lose the game I must be doing something wrong, I am wondering if perhaps I'd be better off leaving it as it is, but I was always under the impression that as the opp are losing they will try and throw everything at me to try and get back into the game, so I could try and go to counter and hit them on the break which works occasionally but I have found the opp still score quite a bit, or lately I am trying to use the control and retain possession to just keep the ball and strangle the play a little bit.
  15. This is a fantastic thread. I have enjoyed reading it. I hope nobody takes offence to this next comment, most of all yourself, as it is the last thing I intended, but personally I do find it quite encouraging reading threads about people who suffer indifferent results. There are a lot of threads around on various websites of people who seem to get success so easily, and I cast such envious eyes their way, however it is slightly reassuring to know there are other people out there in the same boat as myself! Onto your issues, I am no tactical guru, but I would hazard a guess that constantly changing shape both prior to and during a game can have a largely negative effect on performance. I found after following cleons pre-season thread I now no longer suffer from terrible starts. I am convinced this is due to my tactic being totally fluid before the season starts. I totally agree with the previous comments regarding centre halves, I would definitely keep them to regulation centre halves as the BPD are more adventurous with their passing and the limited defenders are very...limited. I'd also add, and this may not be something your willing to consider if you already have an end goal in mind. But it may be worth for a while just sticking to a more traditional set up in terms of formation whilst you are new at a club, perhaps try and grind out some results and then once the players are used to you and your style then perhaps you could gradually tweak things slowly. I have found the stranger tactics are easier to develop with big sides but with smaller sides sometimes simpler is better! I am having a great deal of difficulty trying to develop tactics myself atm too, I have mastered a 343 like Jorge Sampaoli played at la universidad de chile, but a basic 4411 with a shadow striker as a consistent goalscorer is giving me no end of headaches. I also wanna develop a strikerless formation with an enganche and two shadow strikers but I am having difficulty designing my thoughts on paper and in game. So in short, please feel free to disregard my tactical contribution as I am a bit of a tactical bumbling fool, however please don't stop the thread! Great work, keep it up!!
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