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  1. So here's the thing: I edited the database via the normal game editor. Started a game on PC no.1 using the custom database file. Saved the game. If I want to play my game on another PC (PC no2) do I need to move the save game file AND the custom database file to PC no2? Or just the save game file is enough? I haven't played the game in 4+ years so I forgot how these things used to work.
  2. I had and still have the same problem... maybe it's even worse: I have 46 mil. green balance, 40 mil transfer budget and secure finances, and despite all that, each transfer window my chairman accepts bids for some of my best players (bids from 8 mil to 24 mil). At this point I just gave up and use the in game editor to transfer back the player my chaiman sold. I know, it's not fair, but how are his decisions fair? It was never this bad in any FM I played before. I honestly can't understand why they are not fixing this already.
  3. The transfer budget is mostly from players sold in the last two seasons. The (temporary) loss is due to club facilities improvements. So... guess I have to get back in green to keep my players... . Hope this will work.
  4. OK, this is getting out of control: my club president keeps selling players. At first it happened with a some of my very good young players when the club was not doing so good in terms of finances, so I was like "ok... pretty realistic I guess", but now this is ridiculous. I'm playing a first division club in Romania, that finished second last year and has a ******** of money (considering the division I'm in) and today my president accepted a 30k bid for a backup player!! I'm not mad for losing the player (he really was just a backup player) but now he'll sell my two best players als
  5. I use to save the game before the regen date and then reload like hell until I get one decent regen (and when I say reload, I mean like at least 40-50 reloads). I know, I'm crazy; if I really want to "cheat" my way to a good regen I could just modify an existing one instead of wasting 1-2 hours reloading. Anyway, that's not the point. What I noticed is that each season the best regen you get is pretty much of the same position/role. Like for example one season I didn't get a single ST with more than 60 CA / 110 PA, but kept getting lots of decent defenders. The next season I only get good str
  6. I skipped FM 2015 and returned to FM2016 after playing the game for more than 10 years. I know this sounds stupid, but where the heck is the player search page/tab? I can’t find it anywhere... What I mean is the “player” equivalent of this page: http://imgur.com/R0izFx9
  7. Returning long time FM player here. I didn't get FM 2015 so I had no idea about coaching styles (tracksuit vs tactical head coach). I've read the basic, but still have a few short questions: 1) I want to select the lowest leve badge/level of experience available. Will I be able to improve my badge/experience (and my stats) later on? 2) Will they automatically improve (depending on my team's results) or do I have to do something specific? 3) If they do improve, will I be able to modify my stats distribution later on? for example, if I get 5 "new" stat points, can I assign them to what I wa
  8. I always loved these descriptions for my players in the past versions of FM, they would often actually help me realize when a player is close to his full potential I can't find them anywhere if FM 2014. Are they completely gone? Who the heck had the bright idea to remove them ?
  9. I can't remember the answer to this: if a player gets a light injury during the match (he can still play) and I keep him on, what do I risk? A longer injury? His performance is affected during that match ?
  10. Quick question: does having the counterattack option set to "yes" considerably reduces your team's chance to get normal scoring opportunities ?
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