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  1. Imagine losing the CL final 1-7 and getting those ratings. But nah, player ratings are in no way in favor of AI teams, right?
  2. Just started playing FM after a ~3 year break. I'm ok with all of the features, but the touchline tablet is very annoying. I just want to see my team's stats (body language) and my team's formation each match. The problem is that the touchline tablet seems to get fixed to the home/away tean, so I have to manually change the stats I want it to show almost every match (because most of the time you play one game home / one game away). Any idea if there's a way to do this? Thanks.
  3. So here's the thing: I edited the database via the normal game editor. Started a game on PC no.1 using the custom database file. Saved the game. If I want to play my game on another PC (PC no2) do I need to move the save game file AND the custom database file to PC no2? Or just the save game file is enough? I haven't played the game in 4+ years so I forgot how these things used to work.
  4. Quick question: does having the counterattack option set to "yes" considerably reduces your team's chance to get normal scoring opportunities ?
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