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  1. Here are some of mine achievements with this tactic. and this is my current striker maybe most goals for me in this years manager. only thing I changed is f9 to CF(s) I am not sure if it is better but I like it more. where ever I went I usually neded one year to get right players for right positions. they dont have to be great just right for position.
  2. how are you strikers doing in this tactic?
  3. No I agree completly. But first this forum uses much less people at least for tactics. This way more people can an will use it. And second those people can test it and tell good and bad sides. The thing is on the other hand on that other forum problem is most people see there tactics that work (3 striker, strikerless) and then only develop those kind of tactics. And I hate those formations.
  4. Well about tactic testing it is far from 100% accurate but it gives us some clues of what is good and what isn't. The thing ia they don't use instant results and already that is big plus. They made some software that plays all games like you do. As I sead it is far from perfect but who would try all this tactics manualy. Me for one hate 3 striker formations and strikeless so always look for some diferent tactics and yours is curently first one. Perfect would be 4-2-3-1 but there is no such thing. They will write whole article about how they test so you can read on his web. That I sent there.
  5. just wanted to give you heads up how your tactic went on MR L's test. http://forum.mrltactics.com/tactics as you can see currently before you are only 3 striker formations and strikerless formations. but testing is not complete. anyway very good results. I think he will test your ghost tactic as well.
  6. what OI's do you all use? I use weaker foot on all wide players and close down on attackers. but they keep having many CCC's againts me.
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