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    Carlisle United
  1. NFL Style League Structure

    If you ever figure this out and get it up and running can you pop it up here as i'd be interested in downloading and NFL League. Very Cool.
  2. [New Nation!] Monaco

    will Monaco compete in the Euro's and World cup in the database?
  3. Imaginary Nation

    Is it possible to create a custom nation in the new editor? One which I can create a league for and that can compete in the World Cup and Euro Qualifiers etc? Thanks
  4. Franchise League (kinda like the IPL)

    2 words Awe & Some
  5. Franchise League (kinda like the IPL)

    This sounds very interesting, but i cant download. Where else can i get the latest version?
  6. mario sonic

    I think Mario and Luigi have both got to Centre Backs, with Yoshi running the Wing
  7. mario sonic

    I was all excited then, I was expecting a fantasy league made up of computer game characters You lad might be onto something ... The Games Console League, Sonic FC Vs Mario FC! Sweet Maybe someone can make this! Proper cool
  8. Fictional Nations

    I struggled with this, i just used lux and made my country and league over them.
  9. [WIP] Politics League

    Any news on a release?
  10. [WIP] County Championship

    I often make cumbria as a nation on FM the towns in the game are Workington, Whitehaven, Cleator Moor, Kendal, Penrith, Carlisle and Barrow Clubs are Workington (Conf North), Barrow (Conf National), Carlisle (League 1), Kendal (Northern Prem) and 3 lower league clubs Cleater Moor Celtics Penrith and Holker Old Boys. Cumbrian players are all from those places, but other cumbrians include Rory Delap who went to school in Carlisle and also Scott Carson, he is from Cleator Moor, despite what it says on FM. Don't forget to make them Cumbrian when making the squads! They are our best players!
  11. [WIP] Politics League

    Has this been released yet? Looks fun
  12. Creating A Nation

    I tried to use soviet but when the game started it wouldn't work properly. The nation existed, but I couldn't view the nation, set my manager profile to the nation, nor could I add a league to the nation either.
  13. [WIP] Northumbrian Nation & League

    Any progress on this for a version for 10.3? I love this idea
  14. Creating A Nation

    Anyone? I could not make my own nation, so over wrote andorra with my own country. However all the regens have spanish sounding names, since I can't seem to invent my own country can anyone point me in the direction of how I can make the players in my new andorra have english sounding names? Please advise, - is it possible to make a new nation? How - If I cant and I have to over write an existing nation, How do I make sure the names of regens are fitting for the type of nation I want
  15. Creating A Nation

    Hi, How can i create a Nation and sub league? I wish to create my own nation and league structure, but when I tried to write over an unused nation (Soviet) the nation wouldnt work properly. How can I make the nation live, ie playable and then create a league under it. Or do i need to write over specific nations when creating my own nation? Please advise Thanks