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  1. I've encountered this. In one game alone a forward tried to score from impossible angles five times after breaking free instead of cutting the ball back to a team mate
  2. Happened again, only made one change pre match. Swapped a substitue pre-match. started match and immediately "tactical changes will be made when stop in play etc" edit or cancel. nothing happens when clicking on either option. When a goal is scored it asks if you wish to proceed with changes. Again doesnt matter what you click on. Also I noticed the game changes from Key Highlights to Full Match. Quite a serious bug thats needs sorting in my opinion. Bit of an inconvenience when you cannot make a substitution....
  3. Hi Connor I didnt have FMT19 but in FMT18 it was there. Was this removed for FMT19?
  4. There doesn't seem to be an option to choose a training intensity for the whole squad as in past versions. The only way to increase or decrease intensity is to change each player individually which is time consuming. Is this feature not in this years FMT?
  5. Hi Peeps Is it just me or does anyone else notice opposition coaches making strange substitutions? Obvious example is bringing on defenders for defenders when chasing a game.
  6. Hi Tom I've uploaded the save game titled "smokeyhillstreetcircles"
  7. Sorry I don't have a save game from before the match.
  8. Didn't know whether to comment on this or start a new post but I was asked a press question on how a player would react playing against his old club after he had played the game!
  9. As requested notice that Pogba on the pitch has a full circle but on the role next to his name it isn't full. When i hover over it then it becomes full.
  10. It happens when I select tactics once i'm on the pre-match screen (where it has the pitch showing both teams formations and player faces). There are no adept circles on the players roles on the mini pitch in the tactics screen but once I select a role the circles appear on the players roles on the mini pitch. The circles are still black on the list of players to the left of the mini pitch but if I hover my cursor over them they appear! There are other issues like faces not appearing on scout reports until i click on the "i" icon. Additionally there are issues with the adept circles on the main tactics screen as well where i change a players role but the circle stays the same on the players role until i click on it again and i also have to hover over the circle on the players list to the left again.
  11. Yea I notice this a lot. In the tactics section all the players adept circles are blacked out until you hover over them
  12. I really like the demo but whats stopping me from buying the game is the opposition instructions. Personally I could have done without them but if they are here to stay then is it possible it can be fixed so you can just have them blank/turned off all the time or set it so the assistant manager auto allocates them?
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