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  1. Someone? How can I see the first 100 top scorers, or first 100 average rating, assist, etc for a certain league? This option is somehow hidden for me or the first 100 have been reduced to just 20?
  2. Hello all! Just a quick question. I know that in the older FM editions (FM 2015 like example) i can see first 100 places in division player stats. Now is only top 20. If I want to see top scorers from o league, I can only see first 20, in the past was first 100. Why that? For me this kind of information are really important,Can someone help me? I'm missing something? Sorry for my bad english.
  3. Well, i recently purchased FM 2018. I didn't know about this things. They ruined the game, not my savegame. Take care!
  4. So I have a Argentinian scout with 100% knowledge of Argentina and he will not find any players just because I didn't select Argentinian league as playable? This is silly. Ok, so they ruined the game for me. Good to know.
  5. I repeat, this doesn't make any sense. Even if the Brazilian league isn't selected as playable, I can see the stats for players, like games played, goals, assist, etc. So the games are played, even if the league is not playable fot the user. As long as Brazilian and Argentinian leagues are full of real players, why I cant find any of these players? Doesn't feel right.
  6. This doesn't make sense for me. Even if I don't select a league, the game should simulate games for that league, so theoretically my scouts should find players there. What I have to do to find players from unplayable leagues?
  7. I've loaded 13 European leagues + current international players from all continents + players from top clubs from all continents and large database. I have 14 scouts in my scouting team. In general focus instructions I set to find players from South America. Almost 2 months later and no players found. Why that? Scouts can find only players from playable leagues now? I have some scouts with good knowledge of South American countries, so they should find something.
  8. It's about finance income. Even if its's an agent fee or something like that, in finance income i should see the full amount of 9,5 M, and in the finance expenditure i should see the agent fee. Sound like a bug to me.
  9. The board decide to sold one of my best players for 9,5 M. Anyway, when i look at finances, only 7.9 M appears to income. Same thing happens for all other transfers. It's all initial fee, without clauses. So I should receive all the money. I'm missing something? Or this is a bug?
  10. Read again what I said. Things like that, not exactly that. Sort of details that shouldn't be in that game.
  11. Nice feature? Things like that *convinced* me to not buy anymore this game.
  12. Well, I think that some things are hard coded. I set 200 youth rating for all European nations and 1 for every other nation. But somehow, Brazil and Argentina are still producing better players than European nations. I can't explain that, because is such a big difference in youth rating. Also, European clubs have good facilities. I think that some things are just cosmetic in the editor.
  13. Well, clubs gets enough money from tv rights and prizes and almost every clubs has upgraded training facilities, youth facilities, youth coaching and youth recrutment. So this is not the case. And even if they didn't upgraded, youth rating is set to 200, maximum. And for every other nation is 1, minimum. Surely clubs from Holland, Portugal, Belgium etc have very good facilities. So with equal facilities, but with such a big difference in youth rating, I think that European clubs should make way more top quality players. Even with 1 youth rating, Brazil make more quality players (PA 170+) than every other nation. This is not right. And what's the point of the editor? FM world should be balanced as long as the attributes in the editor remain intact, but if I change it, I want to see that change in the game. League reputation should have the same effect even if the nation is called England or Belarus.
  14. So I recreate every league system from Europe. I set the same reputation for every top league, same for second league, same tv money, prize money, same rules etc. I made all European countries equals in every aspect (game importance, taxes, youth rating, economic factor etc). But somehow, after 10 years holiday mode, the clubs from countries like Spain, England, Italy, Germany have every team in first league like 7000+ reputation points. And in other countries, reputation doesn't change so much. An example: at the start of the game, Holland has 8 first league teams 6000+ reputation, and after 10 years they have 9 teams 6000+. Doesn't seems right. In other minor countries things are even worse. If a team wins 8 titles in a row (in a league with reputation similar with PL) I expect that team to be considered world class. Or to be at least 8000+ reputation points. So after 10 years, the average reputation of teams from PL rises almost 700 points. But the average reputation of teams from Eredivisie rises only 250 points. PL and Eredivisie have the same reputation and the teams from Eredivisie have a lower reputation than teams from PL at the start of the game, so the right thing will be that teams from Eredivisie gain more reputation after 10 years. Same happens for every nation. And is like a game breaker for me. I will holiday for 10 more years, but seems like will be no difference. I recreate Champion League, so the leagues reputation remain static, so this is not the problem. Other thing, I set youth rating of 1 for every nation outside Europe and 200 for every nation in Europe. But Brazil and Argentina are still producing better players than European countries. I expect that Portugal, Holland, Russia, Ukraine, Belgium etc with 200 youth rating to produce better players than Brazil and Argentina with 1 youth rating. Seems like this youth rating is useless.
  15. I play FM 2015. I want to recreate some european leagues and I want to set tv deals the same for all nations. I know that some countries had individual TV deals, like Spain or Italy. Is any other country that had such tv deals?
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