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  1. Just wondering if any of you wont loan your players to certain clubs due to a dislike for them. I'm a spurs fan and won't loan to West Ham or Wolves, not had Arsenal it Chelsea apply for loan but would refuse them too
  2. Thanks! Couldn't remember if it was limited to 6 months, know it used to be
  3. Sorry if this has been answered but how long in game time can we play in beta?
  4. A couple of players I got was Sam Akinde up front, Aynsley McDonald has been great in defence. Aaran Tuck I think was in my youth/ under 18s who is a goal machine
  5. You must be close to me Tommy, I'm playing as my local team Cheshunt. The best advice has already been given, use minimum expectations and keep the board happy. Don't send scouts out to search for players as that will end up costing a small fortune, and using up money you can use elsewhere. Plenty of players come recommended by your scouts/coaches in staff meetings or offered to you. Scout them then if you want to. You can get some useful youth players come through, so don't be afraid to use them, you'll get them in March, so check them out when they do. You don't need to spend money on playe
  6. Well have now begun my third season, and am now in skrill south after 2 successive promotions, and winning the isthmian league cup. Finances are ok, and haven't spent a penny on transfer fees. Currently in November of season 3 and sitting just inside playoff position. Doing so much better than I ever expected but surely it's all gonna slow down soon. Just hope the board keep in mind what I've done when it does!
  7. Are many people playing this at the moment or are you all waiting for the further levels? How are you getting on if you have started?
  8. Cheshunt used to have close ties with spurs but not so much now. Although spurs keep ties in the area they seem to have cut the ties with them. Not sure who if anyone Cheshunt are linked with now. But agree that is probably why the game chooses them, aswell as the closeness of the 2 teams
  9. I'm not saying it's an issue atall, and certainly not complaining about any of will's fantastic work. Just thought I'd mention it that's all
  10. Been playing this as my local team Cheshunt who are level 8. Just finished my first season and went up as champions. The club has to do ground improvements due to league requirements, which I thought was a nice touch to have at that level. This has worked out very well for me, although unrealistic as I am ground sharing with spurs!!! Have had a few pre-season friendlies and got really good crowds. All in a brilliant job, absolutely loving the game
  11. Hi, I am having problems importing downloaded tactics where do I put them and how? Can't work it out cheers
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