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  1. That's true. Some of us, who cannot or don't want to play the game, have to wait at least 7 months to play. Probably it will be much more than 7 months, basing on the previous versions history, the first playable release will be available at Christmas. Why there is an unchangeable rule of only 3 patches per one release? I think that in some special case like this, the creation of next patch should be considered. The customers will surely appreciate much such a move. Now they may feel a little bit ignored. And please don't say that we are the minority because the first results of the poll showed something different. It is also unfair that because the thread was becoming a new feedback, the poll has also been closed.
  2. If 100 people complaining about something it means that some more or less important problem exists. The hundreds or thousands of people who don't have issues is an argument for product seller but not for people that cannot use it. The more accurate statistics will surely be available after the start of FM17 selling.
  3. I'm just curious of the size of the problem and want to become convinced if people who cannot play the game because of mentioned problems are really in minority.
  4. No, they were not. But for me it is also very strange that there is a lot of side defenders (even a few cases of central defenders) from lower leagues who made 8-15 assists in season. It is also hard to understand for me why the discussion about this problem is still being continued. It's obviously that the problem exists and destroys the game realism. How is it possible that great and well experienced software development team haven't noticed it on the tests? I'm just looking on the general forum, don't know what is going on in the bug section, so correct me if I'm wrong. I don't want to offend anyone, I really appreciate the game as itself and the effort made to create such advanced application, but I just cannot understand the situation I'm writing about.
  5. I've simulated one season in 5 top leagues and there are still same ridicoulus cases such as van der Viel as the best ligue 1 assisting player with 14 assists (played all games as RB), Pablo Zabaleta as 2nd highest rated BPL player with 10 assists and many, many full backs from other countries and leagues having around 10 assists in the season (10+ is very common). Let's take a look on some site with football statistics and you can see that such cases simply do not occur. I understand that ME is very sophisticated and hard to tune, but fact, that this problem hasn't been solved makes for me FM16 remaining too far from real life and still unplayable. That's my personal point of view and I cannot play this game anymore, which is very dissappointing.
  6. In my game, in the season 2017/18 or 2018/19 Rooney has become the best Man Utd league scorer and he is not even listed as a favourite personel. Till this time I have won only 2 league titles with him as a captain, but in the campaign when he has broken the record, he has been used only as a rotation player and scored most of his goals from penalties and against teams from the bottom of the table. How do you think, he should be icon/legend in such a case?
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