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  1. Your tactic looks pretty balanced and your results certainly indicate that as they're really good. A few things you could try to increase the goals without losing your defensive solidity (only try one thing at a time): Personally starting as standard mentality I would have the striker in an attacking role. Your IF, AP and CM (a) will try occupying the space your dlf already is in. This might explain some of your lack of penetration vs smaller teams. I would choose which of your IF or striker should be your main goalscoring threat, Id try CF (a) role with the idea of your CM (a) supporting in the box and AP having them as passing alternatives ahead of him, the IF beside the AP and the left full back and winger as wide options. The other alternative is putting your IF as attack and leaving the rest. Personally Ive not seen great combos with an attacking full back with a winger in AMC strata so I would put the right back on support if using IF or striker on attack. Or possibly inverted full back so that he will fill in where your CM (a) leaves space. (If you see great combos in game between your right wing back and winger ignore that ofc) Generally regarding your if not getting involved enough id try removing hold up ball and see if the makes more central runs that way, I can see him sitting narrow already ordered to hold up ball, then the AP will be beside him with CM running past. Then add your DLF who will also be there, he's probably then passing to one of them instead of being a threat by cutting inside with the ball. I will say again, I totally get the wanting to win 5-0 instead of 2-0, but be careful about too many tweaks, youve lost one game in 13 competitive matches
  2. Paulinho1111111

    Why does this 4-3-3 never work?

    I have a few tips from looking at your pics. Im far from an expert on fm though, so im not saying "do this and it'll work" If you want to play like your first drawn picture, my interpretation of player roles in fm terms, would be: GK - FB (a) - DC - DC - FB (a) ----- DM (d) - DLP (d) - AP (s) ----- IF (s) - IF (s) ---- CF (s) How I interpret your player roles in your second pic would translate like this pic in game I also see you're playing control, retain possession and shorter pass, which is fairly high defensive line and being a team like Chelsea you're favorite to win in 95% of your matches, which means teams will drop deep against you and defend in numbers. Your inside forwards, (which are your main goal threats in the second picture), will rarely be involved in build up play and have few oppurtunities to run at opposition defense because with control you push your opponent back automatically. If your opponent plays a DM for example the centre of the pitch will be very congested and your inside forwards, false nine and both advanced playmakers will be having a virtual 5-a-side right outside the opponent box which can work, but it's a predictable style of play for the AI to counter. Your full backs does give you width though which is why i think you have pretty decent success with the tactic at least with such a big team like Chelsea. The tactic is pretty gung-ho really. As soon as your players lose the ball you will be very vulnerable to counter attacks as the gap in your midfield (circle) is really large. If it's like the drawn picture where you want your wing positions cutting in behind the striker and feed him then they need to be on support, and your striker needs a role where he stays up (false nine will drop down). Personally I have found playing AP (s) in wide areas really effective as a tip (Mata is a god). IF (s) - AP (s) - CF (s/a) could be worth trying. Also if you want both your full backs coming forward it's really important that you let two of your midfielders sit back to give balance and the possibility of building up play. With your short pass play the players need to be able to pass from defense, via your midfield to your striker. A midfield trio of DM - DLP - AP could work. Personally with 2 attacking full backs i would try DM (d) - DLP(d/s) - BBM or CM (a). You need one midfielder to support the striker and two wide players cutting inside, but you also need two midfielders help keep balance. To wrap up I would try: SKP - FB (a) - BPD - DC - FB (a) - DM (d) - DLP(s) - CM(a) - IF (s) - AP (s) - CF(a) The team should be able to keep the ball and pass around, the movement of the full backs, CM (a) AP and CF should make things fairly unpredictable for your opposition as to where your attacks will come from. If you find the team being too careful and not potent enough attacking i would remove retain possesson ti. These tips are what I got, maybe something of it is useful, good luck sir.
  3. This game is supposed to let you immerse yourself into details when it comes to your tactics and style of play if you choose to, but I can't even tell my strikers to swap positions anymore. Sighgames.
  4. He isn't a coach as of yet, but I'm 99% sure he will be eventually on a game I'm currently on. This is after buying him in the first season and telling him he'd make a good coach once in a while. That's the only real way to do it, just keep at it. I've got Giggs, Neville, Butt, (who were all easy tbf) and van der Sar as coaches already. Becks and Scholes I expect will follow, but they certainly are slow to retire as players. Although I don't think fm puts enough value or thought into coaches and having icons/legends continue as staff it's good fun having them.
  5. Paulinho1111111

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    I already have a kit sponsor, for a logical sum. Played one season, 2nd place league, only quarter-final in the cup and still national rep. I dont think even Real Madrid would get a £20m a year sponsorship. Just never experienced something like this, but as said a good "problem"
  6. Paulinho1111111

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    This really surprised me, a good one ofcourse, but does anyone know which real life event this is meant to be? Some random rich fan investing or?
  7. Paulinho1111111

    Knap FM09 442 Tactics

    These are imo the best set of tactics on this board, very solid and will always get the best out of your team, but also because there is something here for any team on any level of football. Just use the right one at any give time for the ability of your players and it can get any team from the abyss to the top, im sure of it. Red= Team tactics Black= Man marking I hit the wall a little in the Championship, but the mediocre players at the promotion-favorites had higher salaries then my entire budget, £35k. So i needed some time to build the club, also i leaked a bit defensivly due to the high standard so i swapped to man marking to tighten up at the back and well...ss speaks for itself. I have tried the 107 points here and there, but my team just isnt good enough yet, but give me a few seasons and im pretty sure that is the one that will give me the trophies. So thank you for a great journey knap!
  8. It's all been said before me, amazing guide, just need some time to soak it all up. I read the text and see the numbers and how they relate between the players, but have a feeling it will be a few weeks of trying and losing before i truly understand it all, but thanks to you with time we all have a better chance to enjoy the game One question that I really didn't get my head around, which pitch size to use. Seemed that there are pros and cons with whichever one picks, so wondered if you have a tip to which will give the most pros. Will be playing with Man Utd with Role Theory Attacking. Thanks for any help.
  9. If SI does have one of the largest testing teams, and they do have beta-demos, the question still goes back to how is it possible they miss such obvious bugs. I think the only logical answer is, they didn't, as it's just not possible. If only 5 people tested the game 1 (in-game) month they would see it. SI like any other company is about money, if they suddenly start delaying the game, they lose money, if they got alot of negative feedback from testers and had to redo portions of the game they lose money. People still buy the game with bugs, and since they do SI can just make some patches and usually sometime after new-year one can play a decent career-game with a decent working game. It will only stop when people stop buying products who aren't ready out-of-the-box, and by doing so letting the manufacturer get away with it. Who here would buy a new car with 3 tires for the full price?
  10. A lot of injuries, anyone else or just random bad luck on my game? City bought 6-7 players for £80m the first 14 days, but sadly i guess that could happen IRL in january. Another step to the ruin of football, but thats a different debate for a different place. A cynic might think more time has been spent on the 3d machine and not so much on the player database. Havent even scratched the surface yet, but the youngsters in the bigger clubs arent impressive. With Man Utd it might reflect reality to a degree sadly, but a player like Rafael surely should be upgraded at least a little from 08. Its not as if SAF would use him for the sake of it. The press conferences are great, like the more involved ass.man. Im sure ill get used to 3d, but gone to 2d atm untill i get my head around a decent tactic, easier to stop faults that way. Havent played long so will be fun seeing the next 5 months and how it evolves. For a demo it does feel like theres an awful lot of potential in the game, but i have a feeling were gonna have to wait for a patch before creating a career-game. Btw; raise of hands who thinks Real Madrid puts Marcelo on the transfer list for £4-5m anytime soon.
  11. If this is in here already i apologise, im not reading 34 pages with 10,000 word posts hehe I would like the "target man" assigning to be positional, instead of assinging the individual player your pick for example Striker right and whoever plays Striker right is the target man. Im so tired of swapping the target men around and im sure it wouldnt be a hard thing to do.
  12. I too have at least double the shots on goal then my opposition in virtually every game. The problem is the one-on-ones. I always played with alot of through balls, but in FM08 its litteraly impossible to score one-on-one with the keeper. If the keeper has 15+ in reflexes he will always save them, doesnt matter if you use Aguero, Henry, Villa or whoever. I probably have an average of 5 one-on-ones per game, so thats how the shot on goal go up so much. I have seen some ridicolus situations where the keeper can make 5 string super saves going from one post to the other in milliseconds. In fm08 a one-on-one with the GK isnt even a chance. You gotta use wingers, get them to cross from byline, then its a bigger chance of scoring.
  13. Loving the pre-contracts aswell, but the thing that really made my day is the new wage/transfer budget system. It made me angry in previous releases where say you have a star player, especially someone youve made through the youth ranks. He loves the club, and the club has him as favored player, its time to renew his contract, he asks for a raise, it can be from 500 pounds in lower leagues to 10000 in a mid table premiership side, point is regardless the board made no difference between the star and homebred player and the random player, and you just cant offer him the extra money, regardless of how small the difference could be. Its not very likely Soton would let Le Tissiers contract run out back in the day because he wanted a little more money. The gain in his general play and presence will far outweigh any reasonable cost in higher wages. So i really wanted an option to get the extra money. If theres a way to either buyout or suggest to the board to buyout debts in this game i will be over the moon. Say you have £2m in debt untill 2020, but your balance is £50m which ive seen. It would be really nice to be able to get rid of debts