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  1. Hey and thanks for the reply. Uploaded them again, same names. Let me know if you can't find them and i'll do it again.
  2. Hello. TLDR; I got offered an interview twice to become Rosenborg-manager. The second time when I click "accept invitation" it throws me to the club-screen as shown in the screenshots. In my main save I holidayed past one day in the hopes that the computer would accept the interview for me, but as expected it declined the interview and the job is now gone. I'm guessing the second interview was actually the offer of the job and it somehow bugged Uploaded the games: "job interview twice - original save" "job interview twice - second edition save from rollback" At the risk o
  3. I already have a kit sponsor, for a logical sum. Played one season, 2nd place league, only quarter-final in the cup and still national rep. I dont think even Real Madrid would get a £20m a year sponsorship. Just never experienced something like this, but as said a good "problem"
  4. This really surprised me, a good one ofcourse, but does anyone know which real life event this is meant to be? Some random rich fan investing or?
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