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  1. Your tactic looks pretty balanced and your results certainly indicate that as they're really good. A few things you could try to increase the goals without losing your defensive solidity (only try one thing at a time): Personally starting as standard mentality I would have the striker in an attacking role. Your IF, AP and CM (a) will try occupying the space your dlf already is in. This might explain some of your lack of penetration vs smaller teams. I would choose which of your IF or striker should be your main goalscoring threat, Id try CF (a) role with the idea of your CM (a) supporting in the box and AP having them as passing alternatives ahead of him, the IF beside the AP and the left full back and winger as wide options. The other alternative is putting your IF as attack and leaving the rest. Personally Ive not seen great combos with an attacking full back with a winger in AMC strata so I would put the right back on support if using IF or striker on attack. Or possibly inverted full back so that he will fill in where your CM (a) leaves space. (If you see great combos in game between your right wing back and winger ignore that ofc) Generally regarding your if not getting involved enough id try removing hold up ball and see if the makes more central runs that way, I can see him sitting narrow already ordered to hold up ball, then the AP will be beside him with CM running past. Then add your DLF who will also be there, he's probably then passing to one of them instead of being a threat by cutting inside with the ball. I will say again, I totally get the wanting to win 5-0 instead of 2-0, but be careful about too many tweaks, youve lost one game in 13 competitive matches
  2. I have a few tips from looking at your pics. Im far from an expert on fm though, so im not saying "do this and it'll work" If you want to play like your first drawn picture, my interpretation of player roles in fm terms, would be: GK - FB (a) - DC - DC - FB (a) ----- DM (d) - DLP (d) - AP (s) ----- IF (s) - IF (s) ---- CF (s) How I interpret your player roles in your second pic would translate like this pic in game I also see you're playing control, retain possession and shorter pass, which is fairly high defensive line and being a team like Chelsea you're favorite to win in 95% of your matches, which means teams will drop deep against you and defend in numbers. Your inside forwards, (which are your main goal threats in the second picture), will rarely be involved in build up play and have few oppurtunities to run at opposition defense because with control you push your opponent back automatically. If your opponent plays a DM for example the centre of the pitch will be very congested and your inside forwards, false nine and both advanced playmakers will be having a virtual 5-a-side right outside the opponent box which can work, but it's a predictable style of play for the AI to counter. Your full backs does give you width though which is why i think you have pretty decent success with the tactic at least with such a big team like Chelsea. The tactic is pretty gung-ho really. As soon as your players lose the ball you will be very vulnerable to counter attacks as the gap in your midfield (circle) is really large. If it's like the drawn picture where you want your wing positions cutting in behind the striker and feed him then they need to be on support, and your striker needs a role where he stays up (false nine will drop down). Personally I have found playing AP (s) in wide areas really effective as a tip (Mata is a god). IF (s) - AP (s) - CF (s/a) could be worth trying. Also if you want both your full backs coming forward it's really important that you let two of your midfielders sit back to give balance and the possibility of building up play. With your short pass play the players need to be able to pass from defense, via your midfield to your striker. A midfield trio of DM - DLP - AP could work. Personally with 2 attacking full backs i would try DM (d) - DLP(d/s) - BBM or CM (a). You need one midfielder to support the striker and two wide players cutting inside, but you also need two midfielders help keep balance. To wrap up I would try: SKP - FB (a) - BPD - DC - FB (a) - DM (d) - DLP(s) - CM(a) - IF (s) - AP (s) - CF(a) The team should be able to keep the ball and pass around, the movement of the full backs, CM (a) AP and CF should make things fairly unpredictable for your opposition as to where your attacks will come from. If you find the team being too careful and not potent enough attacking i would remove retain possesson ti. These tips are what I got, maybe something of it is useful, good luck sir.
  3. This game is supposed to let you immerse yourself into details when it comes to your tactics and style of play if you choose to, but I can't even tell my strikers to swap positions anymore. Sighgames.
  4. If this is in here already i apologise, im not reading 34 pages with 10,000 word posts hehe I would like the "target man" assigning to be positional, instead of assinging the individual player your pick for example Striker right and whoever plays Striker right is the target man. Im so tired of swapping the target men around and im sure it wouldnt be a hard thing to do.
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