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  1. Could someone confirm that, literally, the only change to the tactical aspects of the game ie. Team/ Player instructions, set piece instructions / creator is the replacing of 'limited' with 'defensive' in regards full backs and central defenders to appease certain markets? Or conversely, educate me to the list of changes to this cornerstone of the game. I haven't found anything else yet but realise there must be much more than a few tweaks and a new paint job. Lovely new paint job that it is.
  2. My point was quite clear in that I'm not enjoying the game or the abuse on these forums of people who are, at least attempting to, supply feedback. Whether that feedback is always constructive or accurate, it's always from individuals who not only have purchased the game but taken the time to post their feedback on these forums. I just happen to think that should be at best respected, at worse acknowledged but never ridiculed. I thought I had clearly stated in the post, and previous posts, my feedback. That I hoped the game would not only simulate but almost emulate real life in regards stati
  3. Well I guess it's not the game for me then & time to move on from both the game and these forums. I don't enjoy the game anymore, no doubt it's my tactics and/ or I'm just an idiot as the two geniuses/ experts quoted love to ridicule those of a similar opinion to mine so often. So no doubt I'm wrong(idiot) and they're right(experts) as they do so love to suggest post after sanctimonious post. I'm just stupid to expect the ME to represent my Team Instructions and/or Player Instructions, for Set-piece instructions to be followed for opponents AI to simulate the real life tactics rather than
  4. Early perception of the official release having played a full season of the Beta on full detail and 6 games of the official release. Overall I'm impressed with the U/I, some minor tweaks with regards to the Tactics screen and greater detail in the Performance/ Analysis screen aside, I think this is easily the best user interface yet. I'm still not convinced that Player Roles provides enough complexity/ individuality now that the sliders have gone forever. The new additions in Player Roles are welcomed but in truth I'm still not convinced by any of their nuances. I can only await for the numb
  5. If you could go back to before kick-off & replay that game 17 times, which of course you can do in FM14, would you expect a draw every game? It's just an observation by the OP, and many others, but some members enjoy ridiculing other Forum Members & SIGames customers who have the nerve to offer up contentious opinions.
  6. Dagenham Dave stated, 'How on earth can the results be pre-determined before the day of the match when the game has absolutely NO idea what changes you are going to make in-game, who is going to be injured, what subs will be made (and when), etc etc?' I was just pointing out that certain calculations are carried out pre-match, otherwise the ME wouldn't be able to show highlights as in the ME is just a graphical representation of a previous calculation.
  7. If results weren't somehow computed beforehand, in at least to some extent, could someone please explain how the ME knows when to show key highlights etc. in what is reputed to be real-time according to some on this thread?
  8. How does the instant result in FMC work then or how is the result calculated when you go on holiday? The software doesn't 'know' anything, it's just a set of generated numbers calculated and defined by the source code & why must you be so snide & dismissive of everybody who deigns to differ from your opinion?
  9. Yep, agree with this & the post above. Pretty much to do with the software, number generation, data in, etc etc. and is worthy of some examination and not the usual disdain shown by some.
  10. Statistically this forms the basis of fixed odds betting. Using the OP's example, if the same game was played on 17 computers simultaneously( replicating the exact same data & conditions) would have he achieved the same set of results as playing the same game 17 times on the same computer? Assuming the computer has no effect on them software it would seem logical to assume so. In fixed odds terms to have lost the 'same' game 17 times would mean odds of less than 18-1 on on that single event occurrence. Whilst it is clear the game is not fixed in the terms it intentionally sets out to chea
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