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  1. I had Willie Howie as a captain of my world cup winning Scotland team in some old version, that couldn't be much further removed from reality. One I think I've asked elsewhere on here before, does anyone remember Rhys Carpenter from, I think, FM 05? Welsh striker, not world class but could get around 15-20 in the Premiership usually and got loads of goals for Wales for me, up front with Cameron Jerome. Nothing about him on the internet far as I can tell.
  2. A more domestic one-Nardiello? As in Daniel and Michael. Interestingly in my current game I've noticed one is eligble to play for Wales and the other isn't. Probably a mistake
  3. A bit more realism with regards to the hiring and firing of managers. In no game I've played his etheir Alex Ferguson or Arsene Wenger remained at their clubs more than 2/3 years after the game starts, usully getting sacked for coming third or forth. We can be pretty sure that won't happen. Older managers with a world class, or at least high reputation should maybe be a little more selective in their choice of jobs. To be honest, Kevin Keegan put me in mind of this. He probably wouldn't have signed for any club bar Newcastle. Capello probably wouldn't have went to many other jobs apart from England. This might be in 2008, I havn't played very far in it and always forget to check, but I've always thought players should react to the hiring or firing of managers more.
  4. Fairly cosmetic but I thought of this during England's search for a new manager. Wenger, Ferguson and a few others were asked for advice on choosing the new England manager, perhaps that could be integrated into game. Maybe once you reach 'legend' or whatever the highest repuation level is national teams and even friendly managers could ask you advice in certain situations. Maybe the user could even ask advice from other managers he's on friendly terms with.
  5. Get rid of human manager stats, keep manager points maybe but the rest are fairly pointless and a distraction from the game. You don't need to be a great manager to have great stats. Probably harder to implement but since so many lower leagues are in the game now (sub-conference, lower northern irish leagues) that aren't nessicerily professional certain players should be unaviable due to work commitments for some games. Do players still go AWOL? I remember it in the older games but havn't seen it any of the new games-maybe I'm just unlucky/lucky. If not bring that back-in moderation obviously.
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