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  1. if you press the other team far back, there wont be any space behind them to attack. they will be compact/deep.
  2. Try using the move into Channel instruction on your strikers. they will then sit between the CBs and Fullbacks.
  3. find it in the game, right click on the competition and scout -> choose scout.
  4. affects Odds Ballklubb too in the Norwegian Premier Division so its not just lower div teams.
  5. are you the national team manager? if not the NT manager will select the players as he sees fit.
  6. if you have a legit copy, and not edited anything i would make a thread in the bugs forum. Hopefully you have a save before this happened(or didnt happen) so they can take a look. https://community.sigames.com/forum/512-football-manager-2017-bugs-forum/
  7. Its relative to the other players in your squad.
  8. wont have to buy the game again. just wont be able to play both places at the same time.
  9. Its a new feature to easily create a new team inside the game itself, for those not so versed in the editor.
  10. use the little arrow pointing down by quick search in the scouting menu, then transfer status, then you can select what you want.
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