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  1. Will the youth rating of a country ever change? say i am managing in the Norwegian league, the youth rating is Which is very low, and in 3 years of regens the highest PA was something like high 120´s, which is basically nothing and making it very difficult to produce good youth to come into the first team (which i have to, because i have no money)
  2. 2021 this fm, played all games. it got corrupted though :-(
  3. What would you say is the key points when trying to play a direct counter attacking style? as far as i understand it its about overloading/overcrowding the other team with players so you are in greater numbers than they are, and catching them off guard by quickly transporting the ball from defense(or where the ball was won), to the mid/final third with good options to the man on the ball? i have my team setup like this, with the shouts i think would be appropriate: Any pointers or key elements i am missing?
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