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  1. Possibly a stupid question, but... I get a message saying "New stage 1 can't find enough teams to be created. 0 teams found, 4 needed." I assume I'm screwing something up here, am I correct?
  2. Seen one in about two seasons in my beta PSV save, slightly more in the Icelandic lower leagues.
  3. Beitar/Shimshon Tel Aviv isn't extinct, they club is now known as Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla (Israeli National League)
  4. So strange... We used the same editor file, and yet my FM doesn't do the top Deildabikarr right. The SF draw never happens. I tried restarting several times, and the same thing happens every time...
  5. Did you happen to have any issues with the league cup? It doesn't play past the group stage in my game (draw never takes place).
  6. Mine doesn't overheat normally either. It's a very specific combination of FM + YouTube that causes this. The problem only appeared after the 18.1.1 update.
  7. I had the same issue. I eventually figured out that FM + Youtube together caused my PC to overheat. Solved it by getting a cooling pad. No crashes since *knock on wood*.
  8. How game-breaking is the scouting fees thing? My Beta save is with a big club, but I can see how the costs could rack up with a small team...
  9. Has the static CL/Europa League qualification spots issue been fixed?
  10. Happens at different times, but always during preliminary European games. After loading again it will (usually) work fine for a while. DxDiag attached. DxDiag.txt
  11. Well, as the title says, laptop started shutting off as FM is processing European fixtures (which are generally extremely slow despite having 16GN RAM). Didn't happen prior to last update.
  12. Free kicks just working... (And yes, Ajax did get relegated at the end of season 1).
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