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  1. in pre games editor-go search for the nation->youth rating ..this is just one of many factor that improve regen ..
  2. this new one is pretty dumb,you cant overwrite existing file..put in same name and u'll have 2 identical files... old way where u can choose file from folder to overwrite would be much better
  3. u can add club from different nation to a league..just edit their city to the city of nation u want,example : u want create a club from france,just put the city "paris"
  4. yanki u need to continue games 1st before player attribute take effect
  5. Error Code :1 since games release
  6. when u setting up the games,and u reach the point when it ask database size,choose costume ,and you'll have option to load more player from certain country,continent..
  7. hmmm so far only kits can be change in 3D match..seat color can be change with pre games editor..that all i know
  8. look at this..i've remove my FM14 so can't try..anyone care to see how it made in editor ? http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=8575
  9. im dying to learn how to make a annual friendly between continental all star..like asia all star vs europe all star vs african all star..etc...issit possible ?
  10. but still it's all thank to rise of east,kelantan FA to bring malaysia league to life again
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