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  1. Thanks! And thanks chrismarkham1982, this is a lot handier! I'm finding out bits and pieces as I go along and I'm enjoying it.
  2. You can't tap on names in news articles, so for example going from a news article I have about Welbeck's contract to actually viewing him and perhaps bidding on him will take quite long. I'm enjoying this, a few quibbles are inevitable but this is very promising!
  3. First impressions: there's some bad Android handling. You have your own keyboard, why? Just call up whatever keyboard is set to run. Also the back button dumps you to the Home screen, despite most (all?) views having a virtual back button so this would be easy to implement properly.
  4. Can you not do the UI to scale to any resolution, as you do on the desktop one? I know it's more complicated due to varying pixel densities but it shouldn't be unworkable.
  5. At this rate Liverpool are going to have a greyed out, made up player as our sub keeper in the semifinal Edit: Oh bl***y hell Jones!!
  6. You're in Florida now? Don't you have to abandon your interest and knowledge of football at customs? Release it now, you'll have your whole evening to do super fun support!
  7. No chance of an early release then? *whistles* I haven't played much FM lately, I've got too little time and when I do get playing, it feels like too much so this should be perfect.
  8. Will it be the same on tablets as on phones, or do you use the additional space for a more detailed UI?
  9. Not a bad goal, not bad at all Players can certainly kick a ball that far. I've seen goal kicks go out for a goal kick at the other end after only bouncing a couple of times. Plus he had the added power that comes from the ball already being in motion. However, the chances of this happening, of someone kicking it that far and that accurately are of course a million to one. AFAIK, it only happens in FM once in a million so I don't think this is unrealistic.
  10. Hmm, OK, it seems to be what I thought. Good to know. I wouldn't say that's synonymous with flanks - that would be outside the full back.
  11. What are channels? I've heard this word used in football many times and never really been sure what it means and it's not something you can Google (searching for "football channels" just tells you what TV station shows NFL ). I know it's something to do with gaps between opponents - between full backs and centre backs? What does "moving into channels" or "working the channels" actually mean?
  12. Quboid

    Sacked! Not happy...

    That is harsh. I'm 16th with Liverpool in late October (in fact, now that I look at it, next Thursday ) so I might just be screwed. That does seem very harsh. I changed Liverpool's reputation in the editor because the expectations where unrealistic. Putting the rep down just 50 points made Champions League the target, which is more realistic.