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  1. Just had Benteke lose the plot because I let Graham leave?!?
  2. His name is Joe McKee I think, basically got me back to back promotions with Ayr United, over 20 goals and assists every season
  3. Not fussed about most details, looking for a club with a great youth record but isn't expecting too much any time soon, something like Ajax but without the need to win the league for a few years
  4. Started a save with Ipswich, signed Wilson from Hearts because I was planning 3 at the back but I have abandoned that now. Also signed Denis Stracqualrsi and Marnick Vermijl. 3 at back was a disaster so changed to a direct, high tempo 4-4-2 to get the use out of the strikers, working very well with McGoldrick dominating as a target man
  5. Took me a few signings and about 9 months game time but this tactic is now churning consistently good results with Spurs, good 1-0 away wins and comfortable home wins. Signing Berardi really helped too, fits this formation perfectly
  6. Had this problem with Kyle Walker 3 weeks after his injury that he starts the game with
  7. I managed this too with Newcastle, strangest season I'll ever play, finished 15th in the league despite playing my so called strongest team in the league games and not in the Champions, defended it the next season too, must be something to do with no other leagues loaded or something, must weaken the teams too much
  8. Maybe set the outer centre halls as stoppers so they will close down wingers? Especially when you yourself have wingers and not defensive wingers. I play this formation as Aberdeen and I've found I need to have my wingers set as defensive wingers or there just isn't enough cover, not ideal for a side like Dortmund and the players you have admittedly. I'd try setting the outer centre backs as stoppers and see if that helps any
  9. Rooney is a false 9 for me, 16 goals & 11 assists in 33 games. 7.42 rating. He got 12 in 14 for England though so struggling a little to get the best out of him
  10. yep, nearly 25 million to get him now, went with Alaba instead
  11. very injury prone for me, broke his ankle, came back and broke it again in the very next news message, he never finishes 90 minutes for me either
  12. Won the league and champions league very comfortably in my first season which was very surprising, thought there would be more tinkering with my 3 centre backs and wing backs but 24 league clean sheets says otherwise. Beat Bayern 4-0 on agg in the semi and Chelsea 3-0 in the final. Sold Hernandez for 19 million and signed Kevin Volland on loan from Bayern. De Bruyne signed for 5 million, Marquinhos signed for the best part of 30 million too. Coentrao signed for 6 million to replace Evra. Evra, Ferdinand, Giggs left for nothing and Fletcher went for 7 million. Still missing a great centre m
  13. Started this new game quite well playing a 5-3-2 with wing backs and an attacking midfielder, using this because the wingers are useless and there isn't much quality out there to buy. It also gets Kagawa, Rvp and Rooney in thier best positions. Sold Cleverley for 16 million, Valencia for 20, Nani for 12, Anderson for 8, Fabio for 4 and Buttner for 4.2. Alaba in for 24 million, Montoya for 5.5, Ward-Prowse for 16 and Sergi Roberto for 10 The wing backs are ridiculously good no matter who plays, all 4 averaging over 8 after 10 league games, quite often the highest positioned players on the p
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