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  1. Disregard that - I'm an idiot. I just presumed that the Qatar WC had been moved as with previous editions. Didn't realise it had been coded in this version.
  2. In 2022/23, the Winter break seems to have moved for 3 weeks in January to two full months in November and December, causing a sizeable January Backlog for all clubs in the league. Is there a reason for this? There's no upcoming tournament and it's the case with all clubs in the league, so not as if it's a European fixtures clash. 2022/23 and the knock on effect of fixtures: 2021/22 for comparison:
  3. I have done. Several have done on the bugs thread. It continues to be pretty widespread and is seemingly very dependant on whether the league you are running has VAR (which the Scottish league does not).
  4. What specific changes are they confirming they are working on as I've not seen anything mentioned specifically in terms of striker/winger issues, 1 on 1s and the ongoing penalties awarded problems? As far as I've read, they believe the last hotfix resolved the penalty issue when it clearly didn't, given I'm still seeing 3-4 penalties regularly in some games and as many as 6 in a match.
  5. Pretty shoddy that this has been an ongoing issue for a week and a half now with no official confirmation that they are even looking at the glaring issues. According to some on here, people are 'whinging' about it but the fact of the matter is that every one of us have dropped nearly 40 quid on a game that whilst technically functional, is fundamentally broken in it's execution. No-one expects an overnight fix but it's not too much surely for the issues to be acknowledged and that the Devs are working on this? I've owned every iteration SI have released since CM2 and the ME issues are the worst since the massive mess CM4 was at launch but at least that had the fact it was a massive leap from CM0102 in that it was going from a text to a 2D engine and folk accepted this.
  6. To be wholly fair, the AI are every bit as bad at 1 on 1s but it definitely needs sorted. It's awful looking. Also, just a general observation that most finishes seem to be blasted during 1 on 1s which is wholly unrealistic. I've yet to see a player try and chip an onrushing keeper, round a keeper, or try and just slip the ball under or around him. They get one on one and appear to just leather it as hard as they can.
  7. And this, only 5 matches later. The 4 matches between these two games also featured 3 penalties. I'm going to amble through to the end of the season on this one, get my pre-season stuff done and then save my game and wait it out for the wingers/striker issues and this penalty issue to be fixed as it's hampering enjoyment of the game.
  8. Still a massive amount of penalties in the Scottish league after the hotfix. Most of these are innocuous brushes or defender cleanly winning tackles. 6 in my latest match. I've now been awarded 22 in 28 league games and the regularity is no less after the patch. 80 pens awarded in 28 rounds of fixtures so the rate continues to be exceptionally high. This is the top 20 penalty takers in the league so is not exhaustive. PKM of this match to let you have a look Ross County v St. Mirren.pkm
  9. Cheers CJ. Appreciate that it's a bloody hard thing to get things as close to perfect as possible and there will always be dissenting non-constructive voices that come with that. Very refreshing that SI team members actively engage with their player base and are always looking on feedback to fix any issues.
  10. Was the right centre forward playing in a 442 (technically 424 as the wide men were playing as wingers). Role was simply 'advanced forward', his regular partner at LCF was a role of deep lying forward and although not THAT prolific at 5 in 16 starts, wasn't quite as ineffective. The season prior, both players had 18 in 24 starts (advanced forward) and 15 in 28 (deep lying forward) using the same tactic in the beta. Overall mentality was switching between balanced and positive.
  11. 18 in itself isn't that bad and has actually won top scorer a couple of times in the 90s but it just seems to be underperfomance across the board and in saying that those 18 goals are propped by 7 penalties, which is quite a high ratio. I suspect it really ties into the poor decisions and lack of meaningful passing into central areas being made by wide players who are a key source of centre forward chances, coupled with the already well known issues surrounding lack of composure.
  12. For me, it's almost exclusively my left winger. My main centre forward went from 18 goals in 24 starts last season and was on 5 in 5 games in the Europa League qualifiers and 2 in 3 games in the league the following season. Once the full release dropped, I saved my game, updated and restarted. Since doing so, the same player, with the exact same tactic has only managed 4 in 21 league games. Its like described above, that the player in that position just seemingly stops working.
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