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  1. Evening all, apologies if this is in the wrong thread as I unable to locate where to add this. I'm really struggling to test the database after editing. Have spent the last hour or so editing my own bits and bobs and now won't save as says I need to test out competitions?? I try to do this and after about 15 seconds, just doesn't respond and am struggling to find a way around it. have tried numerous times but keep hitting the same point and have to manually exit it myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hey all, sorry about the lack of posting on my behalf, I have been away and not long got back. Nice to see this still going strong, although my Ukrainian side are struggling somewhat. Looking forward to the next updates, lets hope we can win the rest of our matches and try and push on. KUTGW Adam C
  3. Piracy

    Agreed, not a good shout to be honest.
  4. Another great result for Ukraine. Just a shame that I was overtaken by an even better result, but as said, looks like it could be a two horse race in our league.. Am I allowed to ask what our next fixtures are??
  5. Great start, couldn't have asked for a better one if I tried. Look forward to the next update, can't wait to see how we do in the next games. A 10 point lead is also not to be sniffed at, am really pleased, because I was the last to register as well... KUTGW mate, a great idea
  6. Manager Full Name: Michael Sergent Manager Nationality: Welsh Two 20 attributes: Tactical Knowlede & Motivation Two 15 attributes: Defending & Judging Player Ability Preferred formation: 4-1-2-1-2 Managing: Ukraine 1 Italy - Nagy Di Roma (Hell Blazer) 2 Spain - Adam Connellan (Adam C) 3 Ukraine - Michael Sergent (sergent21) 4 Czech Republic - Andis Blinds (uusinjsh) 5 France - Mat Frith (frithleeds) 6 Croatia - Robert Dawson (blowcrapup) 7 Portugal - Haowan Chu (Haowan) 8 Netherlands - Darren Husher (Darren1983) 9 England - Andrew Billen (atbuk08) 10 Russia - The Doctor (BP_Doosra) 11 Scotland - Gold Member ( Frazza Pee) 12 Republic Of Ireland - Stephen O'Donnell (jod123) 13 Greece- Josh Pearce (death) 14 Northern Ireland - Paul "Warlock" Wallace (NepentheZ) 15 Wales - Gwilym J. James (Man City Supporter) 16. Bulgaria - Boris Videnov (canvey!!) Hope its all right
  7. Also slightly off topic, how do I get icons onto my messages. I put a thumbs up at the end of the last post and it's just gone!! Sorry if I being silly!!!
  8. Glad you started this Nep, haven't been on here for 2 days, but seems to have a bit of a following. I will be starting to play my game again this weekend, just don't have the time at the moment to fit it in. Brings back memories when we were seeing who could get the best regen in Dafuges Challenge. Well done mate
  9. I see what you mean about what category. I'm not the best person for advice, but I would like to make an input into the thread, only problem being is I am now attempting the San Marino Double Challenge, which I'm assuming wouldn't make any difference! What do you think??
  10. Good luck with all the new codes and everything. I will keep updating myself with your progress, and I think that opening a new thread for this youth player project is a super idea. I feel it would definately attract a lot of attention, and personally I think you should create the new thread.. Anybody else agree with me and Nep???
  11. Not sure why. They certanly should though. As an example, when playing the San Marino Challenge, I got the San Marino National team up into just inside the top 50 of the world Rankings. Looking at the teams in the different groups, we should have been in the 4th pot, but instead were in the bottom pot, with all the teams ranked well into the 100s, whilst teams in between 51-100 were in the 5th pot. Should defintely be looked at improving in the future
  12. Great idea If it could be implemented properly, could definately add to the interaction part of the game, but only if used correctly.
  13. I again have experienced this. I loaned a regen centre half from Bristol City for 3 months. I then went to renew his loan, thinking he would come to me, but Bath City hijaked my bid and he went on loan there instead Bearing in mind that I'm at the time competing to win the BSP, whilst Bath are mid-table in the BSS, I find that the game relies to much on reputations. I just think that Bristol Citry would want him to be exposed to a higher standard and would persuade him to come back. He was also a 1st teamer when he was with me so don't understand it. For me rep's play to much of a part
  14. Every year we get a new batch of youth players, and the Ass Man singles out the best one of them. (I'm assuming they have the best P.A of the group.) My aim is to take this player, give them some first team football, and track their career, be it at Mangotsfield, or should they move on. Each season I will add a new player to the reports, (naturally) and just think it could be fun, interesting and informative of what happens with them. Youth Project 6 - Rory Howarth Rory Howarth Intially the first thing to notice is how good physically he already is. The rest of his stats leave a lot to be desired, but will start the season in the reerves for regular football and we will see how he progresses.
  15. A historic day for Mangotsfield Town as they turn professional Hopefully this will enable me to sign some better players