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  1. Rest assured you're not the slowest player out there. That goes to Vestergaard! :P He's just been poor for me with general defending duties aswell. Wanted to keep him as injury cover, but he's already whinging, so think he'll be on the way out soon for me - either loan or full transfer. Will give Redmond some more game time - got Nasri coming in once his ban is finished, so will have options there soon at least. Looking forward to the next update. Hope the youth intake is kind to you!
  2. Pleased to see Jankewitz looking good. Still in the first season (I'm slower than you!!!!) but he's the outstanding youth in the squad so far by the looks of things. (Slattery is very good too, but nowhere near as versatile) Have you been able to get anything worthwhile out of Redmond? He's been disappointing for me so far, as has Vestergaard whenever he has played, but the rest seem to be very solid. It's interesting to see how things differ on different saves. Looking forward to the next update!
  3. It's an online game with the other player managing Arsenal.
  4. 4th season was rather productive. Won everything but EFL Cup, where I, yet again, struggled against Man U. I was very pleased with 96 points - previous seasons had been won by teams with 81-88 points, so it was a big upgrade. Tottenham were the main contenders for most of the season, and had been top (Lukaku was immense for them) but they had a gruelling end to the season (Man U, Arsenal, Liverpool in a row) and just seemed to run out of steam with Arsenal pipping them to 2nd at the end. Chelsea struggled hugely all year. They were 18th in the New Year, but gradually clawed themselves to safety, although a final position of 13th flatters them greatly. Man City also struggled, and never looked a contender. Icardi was my main summer buy, but he was problematic for much of the season. Whinged a lot and scored little! After about 6 months of settling in, he finally started to shine, only to get injured. Took him a few matches to get going again but when he was on fire scoring for fun only to get injured again and missed out on all the finals! Whilst that was disappointing, he did give me one of the highlights of the season scoring the winner at Barcelona in the 91st minute. This game can be so infuriating at times, but moments like that makes it worth it! Lincoln remains to be superb for me although he did tail off badly towards the end of the season. That being said, I can not recommend him highly enough. Stefan De Vrij was my main winter buy. Found him to be very reliable + scored the odd goal too. He helped to make my defence very solid, and I can't remember Liverpool looking that solid defensively! Was pleased to win the Champions League for the first time, but more relief than anything else. My keeper (Rulli) got injured 2 days before the final, my spare keeper couldn't be picked, my spare spare keeper was on loan, and in the end I had to go with a 16 year old rookie who looked awful. Imagine making your debut in the CL Final! Thankfully, despite going down early on, I was able to dominate the game, and 3 goals in a 7 minute spell basically sealed the deal. Don't make the same mistake as I did - always have 2 keepers available, even if one of them is Karius
  5. Bought him at the start of the 4th season (Liverpool). Really struggled with him to begin with, and I generally didn't play him much at one point. He got in a strop, so I played him some more, and eventually he got going and has scored quite frequently for me recently, inc a 91st minute winner at Barcelona! For me, it seems like he takes time to adapt, but once he is settled, he can be a match winner, definitely.
  6. An update following bit of a break away: Things at Sutton are going better than expected. Currently on a 7 match winning streak and have shot up to 12th place after 30 matches. My first match in charge was the 1-1 draw away to Wealdstone. Most recent match was a 5-0 demolition job over Barnet who were actually 3rd at the time. Got an early goal, and we totally controlled them. My early expectations was to avoid the drop, but we look to be getting a bit better with every game now (despite some defensives woes) and we are only 4 points from the play-off positions. May even be an outside bet for promotion. Unfortunately, most of our best players are loanees, so that is something I am going to look to change once the finances get sorted out. Half a million in debt is even worse than my own finances! I never was going to be spending a lot of money at Sutton due to the finances, but things have definitely picked up since signing George Thomas on a free - he's scored 6 from 5 matches so far, and looking playing well too. The only other purchase was Kieran Evans, a decent youngster with good potential. Picked him up as a potential shadow striker for a strikerless tactic, but the 4-1-2-2-1 is serving me very well at the moment. Trying to get some riff-raff out of the club, so we can look to do something about the wage bill - very much a work in progress!
  7. Finished 2018-19. Started poorly, and ended up pretty poorly including 2 losses against Man U in the Champions League semis despite controlling both games. Had a lovely run mid season though, which set us for a fine overall season, so can't be too disappointed. Buying Rulli made us much more solid defensively. Icardi heading our way in July, and probably looking for another big summer purchase - probably a reliable defender.
  8. FA Cup Finals don't come much better than this! In other good news, Everton got relegated and I somehow managed to win the league in last match of season!
  9. As I arrive into the London Borough of Sutton, this is where we are at: On the plus side, we are only expected to finish 18th, so not needing that much of an improvement there.
  10. What an awesome idea! I do have one very serious critique though. Where the hell is the cougar???!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!?
  11. I was hoping for a 2nd or 3rd division side in somewhere like Sweden, Austria or maybe even Russia and helping to build those countries up, but those attempts did not go well. I guess winning the league in a small country (in Football terms) like Malaysia doesn't count for an awful lot. So, have accepted the job offer from Sutton United just before Christmas, 2018 in Vanarama League. Exciting times!!!!! This season will be spent working on tactics, making sure I don't get relegated (not going so well for them so far), and to try and sort out their dodgy finances.
  12. Pleasing end of the season with a couple of wins. First season overall went far better than expected. Lost only once all season and that was in the cup. We didn't look quite so sharp towards the end of the season though, which is strongly linked with Mini Pele playing poorly for 6-8 matches. Next season will hopefully see a move to Europe, and hopefully developing a smaller club.
  13. Are you talking about short term or long term? Long term wise Markovic would be fine as a back-up. Alternatively you could re-train Origi
  14. Declared champions with 5 matches to go. The form recently has taken bit of a nose dive, and whilst we have been able to remain unbeaten, we have looked far less comfortable having to use contain to see off some matches. Very pleasing first full season though, hoping this will give my reputation bit of a boost, so I can work in Europe and hopefully build up a club over there. Better have a look at the job center!
  15. As we go into the 4 week break (phew!), Sarawak are sitting pretty 6 points clear at the top, and have their first major honours in seventeen years! However, it has came at a price. A number of cruel injuries left me with very much a B-side and no wingers! Attempts were made to use young players, or other players in that position, but lacked penetration, and as a result, we went through bit of a dry spell where we were often outplayed, even though the results were not too bad. The biggest issue has been Mini-Pele becoming unhappy and wanting to be sold. I agreed since he is too good to be playing in this league, but he went in a strop because I wouldn't sell him for almost half his value! To be fair, he has still been playing well enough. He's come into form again after a couple of iffy matches. The number of injuries to the wide players has meant I had little option but to develop a third tactic which plays a lot more narrow. I like width and pace, so I was a bit reluctant, but the new tactic has fared pretty well. I have tweaked it a bit over the month 4 matches or so, but seem to be happier with it now and largely left it alone during the last 2 matches. It seems to be far more solid defensively (which was needed after the 4-3 debacle!), and whilst the goals were not coming from as many through balls, we are faring well with the crosses. The highlight of the season so far is the most impressive FA Cup run culminating in a tiring 4-1 win. We could have scored 3 times in the first 15 minutes. In the end, it took us almost 30 minutes to get into the lead; Van Huizen who has scored some crackers came up with another. The lead was shortlived, and we went into halftime all square. We had chances in the second half, but it was quite apparent my players were becoming heavily tired. The passing was sloopy, the running became a slow jog, and the shots were insanely timid and pathetic. So Extra Time did not fill me with confidence, nor did the first half of ET. However, something just clicked in the 2nd half, and we scored three times in 10 minutes! Muhamad saved the best for last with an absolute beauty of a free kick. The biggest downer was our 4-3 win at Kedah. Don't get me wrong, a win away from home is always good, and Kedah are not a dreadful side. However a wonderful first half where Mini Pele scored a hattrick was greeted to the most abysmal of second halves. A match that should have been comfortable become very stressful, and no tactical changes made any sort of difference whatsoever! But a win's a win... Now for bit of a pondering stage, where I need to decide to go with a wide tactic when my wingers return (Ibrahim (second best player easily) should be ready in 4 weeks) or to stick with my 4-3-1-2...
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