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  1. But with them having no arena set is it just cosmetic - are they still receiving ticket money and fans per game? Or is it running as if they are playing in an empty arena each game? If the latter I'll have to wait for an update because that kills it for me.
  2. Plus not everybody cares about the NHL in this game! Adding a difficulty would defeat the object of the game also. I agree that the Swiss league needs better contracts and player movement is worrying if that is what is happening in game.
  3. THIS IS STILL A PROBLEM! Please update it next time, pretty please!
  4. The game ships with fake players. But go to http://www.ehmtheblueline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=77&t=13590 and download the file to make them real.
  5. There's an update today. No Brit leagues. Swiss/Finland and Germany though. Shame no British leagues yet.
  6. NHL has to be selected regardless so as KoKid90 says try only selecting the NHL and no others. Use 'quick sim' on the detail level settings once the game loads too!
  7. 3 - don't understand this? Pre season games are already scheduled, you can get the Assistant to arrange them or arrange your own games, cups, leagues if you want too?
  8. Teams with missing arena info HC Sochi - unknown. Should be Bolshoy Ice Dome cap. 12,000 Admiral Vladivostok - unknown. Should be Fetisov-Arena cap. 5,500 Also Lada have Yugra Khanty-Minsisyk listed as an affiliate club. Is that correct? Seen as they are both in the KHL now.
  9. Let's hope it's in the plans for future updates! EHM 07 had the European Cup so it must be possible
  10. EHM 07 didn't seem to have much trouble even though the leagues are not dynamic. I seen Ex NHL players sign in the UK Elite league (and tear it up too! haha) Also on my longest save, around 16 seaons, Swedish team, Skellefteå went absolutely crazy and was easily one of the best teams on the game. Snapping up NHL players for fun and went on some crazy winning streaks. So I can't wait to see what happens with this version. (please hurry and add DEL and UK, kiitos )
  11. That was the way it worked in EHM 07 so I'm guessing it's still going to happen in this version too. The odd question now and then in the big league
  12. Please see here - http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/423288-Bug-Reporting-Guidelines
  13. I agree with this. I think league dynamic rep could work but it would have to be very very subtle. Look at the Austrian EBEL and the Hungarian MOL Liga. They are both rising in quality over the years.
  14. Hi Rooneymagic, yes what Archibalduk has said, sorry for not replying sooner! Nice to see it's almost at 1,000 so soon!
  15. Agree with these. It is Early access as they say so and they did promise that any suggestions that are technically possible will make it into the game. I noticed that each league does have it's reputation shown now? Maybe making it dynamic is part of the plan? I really would like to see some more player interactions though.
  16. In EHM 07 you had to have the player on your team for the set amount of time, without even a 1 day gap in the years and it would work
  17. Agree! Strange how GB isn't yet Serbia is! Nice that Serbia is however.
  18. With the UK being the hockey capital of Europe it would make sense to add us on the game again
  19. My favourite way to play! I didn't last too long and decided to start a KHL game for now. I think we need more lower level leagues for it to be useful.
  20. Just seems like a quick data error. Sochi have no arena! Add Vladivostok to that as well, arena unknown.
  21. EHM:EA 15.0 Screenshot http://i62.tinypic.com/bhk31h.png Happen when in scouting and player search. Clicked on that guys contract tab. Happens every time I do it. Doesn't crash just gives the same error box and sometimes even though I have the tutorial hints off it displays them on the next page.
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