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  1. I have fm 13-15. I dont have any problems with the previous versions. I have about several hundred hours of play time on fm 15 and it has crashed probably 5 times. I updated my system to windows 10 and I will inform you later today or tomorrow.
  2. Its not my operating system that is the problem. I dont have any problems with any other games or programs, so the problem is in the game. There must be something you can do. There also seems to be alot of problems with crashes so Im not the only one.. It never or very rarely crashes during a game. Usually it's during processing, no matter if im actually playing or simulating. I've been a long time customer and if there is really nothing wrong with the game rather than my operating system, this will be the last game im buying of you.
  3. Yes I reinstalled the game today with no luck. Crashed.. This is getting really annoying...
  4. Crashed with the new save also. Didn't even get to play the first friendly. Uploaded the crash dump to your FTP. r1kuuFM 2016 v16.1.1.740934 (2015.11.28 11.12.20)
  5. I haven't tried any of these things. I will try a new save. I'm afraid I dont have any other system I could try the save.
  6. Thank you, I hope you will find out something. I would like to continue my save asap
  7. Alright. Here is the most recent crash dumb: (r1kuu)FM 2016 v16.1.1.740934 (2015.11.25 21.16.16) Here is also the most recent PKM: Bradford City v Bolton 0, 11_fm-3 I also updated all of my windows updates. Was able to play the match against Bolton, but the game crashed shortly after that during progressing.
  8. Yo I managed to play the match vs burnley, no crash. I't produced a new PKM, but there is no VER in it. Usually it takes 2 to 5 mins for the game to crash haven't find any pattern to it. So it's not always 2 mins. It seems more of a random crashes to me. I think the crashes are not related to the matches themselves.
  9. It's the latest one that I uploaded earlier. Eka save.fm Haven't been able to play forward due to crashes.
  10. Believe me, it wont create a new PKM. I'm searching the folder sportsinteractive\footballmanager2016\matches\automatic\ and none of the folders there have newer PKMs than the one I uploaded allready. I managed to simulate the game forward approx. a week before a crash. The most recent PKM is from 18.11.2015 as I told you earlier and I have been trying to play the game after that, every day...
  11. Yes I understand that, but the game didn't create a new PKM, as I tried to play the game yesterday and it crashed immediately. So I am unable to play the game at the moment because it takes about 2 minutes of play time to crash.
  12. Thanks Tony. I found the right location but there's no new PKMs and none of them are unverified. The most recent one is from 18.11.2015 23:43. I opened the game and it crashed right away. I uploaded the PKM to FTP to the folder game-pkm. Hope it helps. The file name is: Burnley v Bradford City 0, 359_fm.pkm
  13. Where do I find these folders? And could you tell me how to do it? Thanks. Also i uploaded my save to your FTP its called: Eka save.fm
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