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  1. I celebrate all my goals. I also yell at my players when they make mistakes or miss easy chances. The wife makes fun of me and says "it's only a game". She doesn't understand.
  2. A few things to note - That is his value after a successful season, his value would probably fall down to around 17m after a couple of months My save is a decade into the future and the reputation of the scottish prem is much improved (7th highest in the world) This player is a key member of a scottish national team that has been far more successful than real life Those points aside though, I agree that his value was quite high compared to most of my other 'big' players, who generally sat around 8-12m. Their values dropped just as drastically however. I've put a lot of time into this game over the years, and nothing I saw up to the point of this value drop seemed out of place to me. I prefer to play the game more realistically, so a major (unearned) bump to my player values would have been just as off-putting to me. Overall, I'd watched the value of my players rise with the increased success of the team, both domestically and in europe; it all seemed natural until the point of the price drop. The first thing I did when this happened was search google to see if anyone else had experienced it, but didn't find many similar stories. I believe that the issue is probably caused by some kind of glitch in the way the game calculated the league rep of the scottish prem, a glitch that occurred shortly after the end of the season, probably when the league moved up a level in the standings. Since there don't seem to be many other reported cases, I assume this is just something that happened in my game, and not an issue inherent in the game data. As such I don't really see a point in reporting this as a bug, unless many others find this thread having experienced similar issues. Just one of those little quirks that happen sometimes. Probably a good thing really, things were starting to get a little easy with Partick anyway!
  3. I've played a couple more seasons now and the Scottish player values never recovered. Eventually I gave up and moved on to an Italian team, then went back and bought a couple of my Partick players for peanuts. As I mentioned above, when the change happened my star player (who had come through the club's youth system) went from being valued at 21m down to 5m. That's way too big of a change to be normal. Pretty sure what I have is a bug, and if you have the same thing then it might be worth reporting it to SI.
  4. Unfortunately the change is far too drastic to be contract related. Also, most of the players either came through the youth system or were free transfers, Partick don't really have the dosh to overpay for anyone. You make a good point MrPompey, though because the game is now valuing these players so low the Scottish AI teams are pretty much screwed, as they're about to sell off all their best players for prices well below their true value. The value changes are so drastic that I feel it has to be a glitch somewhere. My plan now is to play through another season and see if things right themselves over time. Thanks for your time lads.
  5. Weirdly, Scotland actually rose a few places in the world rankings. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  6. I just posted this in the bug forum, but figured I'd post it here too just in case anyone has seen this problem. So I recently just finished a season on FM17. We did well, winning the Scottish Prem and reaching the quarter finals of the Europa. As usual my players got a little bump to their value due to our good season, and I was keeping an eye on this as there are a couple I'm looking to offload. Then, randomly, all of their values just tanked! Most seem to have dropped by around 50% - 60% with my star player dropping from 21m down to 5m! I reloaded the skin, changed currency etc. and have now gone through about a month in game but nothing has changed. Weirdly, this seems to be affecting all Scottish teams, which makes me think there must be something wrong in how the game is calculating the league reputation or something. I have been waiting for the competition and club rankings to be announced to see if that would solve the problem, but it seems it hasn't Anyone have any ideas how I can solve this issue? It's kinda ruining my save
  7. Goalkeeper tries to save with his face and fails. The best part is it was right at the end of the game and this was their equaliser. [video=youtube;wwOXatEqCNQ]
  8. Ah can't see too well from that little pic, but basically they laughed off my application for the job and then offered it to me 3 days later!
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