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  1. I know it's still 2011 and FMH 2011 is out right now. I am considering getting it but I am aware that the 2010/11 season is already over and chances are FMH 2011 will soon be obsolete. 2 questions: 1. When is FMH 2012 expected (roughly, I know nothing is announced yet so there won't be definite dates)? (When was FMH2011 released?) 2. If I get FMH 2011, will the squads be updated for the 2011/2012 season? Thanks! PS. I am thiking of getting the ipad2 primarily to play FMH.. but don't want to get it if it's going to be obsolete very quickly.
  2. I find it quite hard to stomach that SI clearly broke player stats and basically just saying, "too bad, wait until next year". Frankly, I find that insulting. I can't imagine this is that hard to fix so apart from "sticking to their principles" at the cost of customer satisfaction, I cannot understand why they won't fix something they CLEARLY broke in this patch. This isn't even subjective like "scored too many", this is clear and obviously broken. I know every game has bugs and not all of them gets patches, but the publisher of those games do not enjoy the reputation that SI enjoys - that the genuinely care about customers. This is a slap in the face. I do appreciate the fact we had 3 patches, but genuinely caring is more than "well we satisfied our promise of 3 patches, doesn't matter if we broke something else in the last one"... Is the bug game breaking? No, not really (well depends who you ask). However they are clearly not taking responsibility for breaking something in 11.3. It's the attitude that is more disappointing.
  3. shrekiejai

    So, it's the second week of March...

    Not sure I agree it would have a huge knock on effect to the game. Any software, especially one that has gone through multiple iteration, should be able to handle valid (according to schema) data. As the official updates can only contain valid data, I would be very surprised if the code can't handle the new updates without a patch - if this is true, someone is REALLY not doing their job with boundary checks. The fact that SI provides an editor implies they are confident enough about their framework that you can put any valid in there and the game will handle it. As such, there should be no reason why the update cannot be released without rigorous testing. In fact, I'm not sure SI can or will specific test data updates - how do you single out a particular data update to test?
  4. shrekiejai

    So, it's the second week of March...

    Just release the data update, then release the patch (code) when it's ready... That would get rid of a lot of moaners (myself included). I can't understand why they need to bundle up the update with the patch. It's fine if the patch comes out soon after the transfer window, but it's getting a bit pathetic to wait a month for a data update. If SI don't understand their market cares about data update, then someone isn't doing their job properly. If their current code (without patch) cannot handle official data update, then a group of people isn't doing their job properly. I cannot understand why SI is withholding data that they must have finished weeks ago.
  5. shrekiejai

    So, it's the second week of March...

    For some strange reason, each new version is never based off the final patch of the last version. We constantly see the same bugs (fixed in previous patches) appearing in each new version. HOPEFULLY SI will learn some day "End of March if all goes well" = Mid April... nothing ever "all goes well" with development and testing (I'm a programmer by trade).
  6. shrekiejai

    Messi or Ronaldo

    In England, people don't get knocked off the ball - they get kicked off the ball No real point arguing, we'll all just imagining what would happen. In FM tho, still definitely Ronaldo - those physical stats makes him a beast.
  7. shrekiejai

    So, it's the second week of March...

    I agree, to me, 11.2 is playable and enjoyable. There's quite a few workarounds but nothing is significantly broken to me (or at least I don't realize it's broken). What annoys me currently is that I want to start a new game, but I can't because I don't have the new data. There's probably a large crowd that doesn't NEED the new patch but is annoyed because they can't start a new game until the patch is complete. Hence the increase "demand" for the new patch - myself being one of them By making the patch is a "MUST HAVE" (for the new data), SI created inflated demand for the release of the patch - hence all the noise.
  8. Given Beckham's loyalty, I would be surprised if he signed for Barcelona/Man City/Liverpool. In fact, if he did, I would almost think it's a bug. Similarly, I would be surprised if Gerrard signs for United or if Scholes/Giggs/Neville goes to Liverpool when they become a free. 100% certain Scholes/Giggs/Neville would choose retirement over signing for Liverpool.
  9. shrekiejai

    Messi or Ronaldo

    In FM, easily Ronaldo - his physical stats makes him unbeatable where as Messi isn't actually THAT good given his technical stats. IRL, I would still pick Ronaldo because you know he can perform regardless of which team or league he plays in. I do think Messi is better technically and tactically, but that ignores the whole physical aspect of the game. I am confident Messi can probably perform in EPL, but I can't say that with certainty. How will he handle getting kicked week-in week-out with EPL-style of refereeing? With Ronaldo, I know he can do it. PS. Someone mentioned that Messi being in Barcelona and surrounded by top players make his claim less creditable. I agree with that. Ronaldo has been the best player in whichever team he's in, by a long shot. Being an United supporter, I know he was far better than whoever else we have in our midfield, by a long shot. Giggs and Scholes are great in the past, but you can't argue they are in the tier of the best players now (or at least not consistently). Carrick/Fletcher/Nani/Park Ji Sung are never going to frighten any of the top teams. Teams can afford to completely focus on Ronaldo and put less attention on the rest of the team, hence Ronaldo gets less space and time and get marked out of the game. I know less about Real but I would think it's similar there. Kaka was great and I think if he's ever back 100%, you'll see Ronaldo getting more time/space and go up an extra level. In Barcelona, yes, Messi is the best player but no team can afford to ignore Xavi / Iniesta. Hence the burden on Messi is arguably a lot less as there are plenty of other match-winners in Barcelona. And as football is a team game, Messi gets far better service than Ronaldo as the "support" players in Barcelona are FAR better than anything Ronaldo had. Having Xavi feeding you is a luxury Ronaldo never had. Put Ronaldo into Barcelona, you KNOW he will be great. Put Messi into Real (or United), you EXPECT he will be great.
  10. shrekiejai

    So, it's the second week of March...

    I personally think the game is fine, but I wished they would release the data update and the patch separately. I don't have any major need for the patch (it'd would be nice to have) but I've been sitting on waiting for the patch to start a new game with the new data. I don't really see why it is necessary to bundle the data update with the patch when they are two separate things (and the patch supposedly save game compatible). By bundling the patch with the update, SI is making two groups of people unhappy: - Those that think the game is fine but want the data update - Those that think the game is broken This makes up quite a significant proportion of those on this forum and hence all the negativity. PS. I know I can look else where for data updates but I want the official one.
  11. John Terry ... under no circumstances will I scout him / buy him / take him on a free ...
  12. WAG Pron? If that's not achievable, then a release date...
  13. Excellent analysis! Unfortunately since noone in SI has commented and fairly sure it's too late to make it into the patch, it'll be a wasted effort. Hopefully I'm wrong!
  14. 11.2 isn't bad, but I'm waiting for 11.3 for the new transfer and seems pointless to start one now