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  1. To be honest, I think asking me what I thought of ref decisions are completely stupid. Offside I can still understand, but fouls? How am I suppose to tell if one circle fouled another circle? Unless if SI manages to somehow give me an indication of what actually happened, asking me what I think is just highlight its weakness
  2. For tactics, when I assign a player to mark Torres, he should stay marking Torres. I don't care if Torres and Crouch swapped positions, keep marking Torres! Also, When I set individual tactics, the tactic should apply for the player, not the position. C.Ronaldo and Park Ji Sung will not play the same way even if they play the same position.
  3. Wow, so many posts already. My 2 cents: 1) No obvious game breaking bugs. 2) More realistic transfer. - When negotiating for their player, they should either stay at the pre-set price or actually come down. It makes no sense to increase their price! - When bidding for my player, AI should not just throw the towel in if I increase my price. AI should know what is the market price of a similar player and be willing to pay that. When Market price >>>> Player valuation and the AI requires market prices but will only bid player valuation, we have a massive problem. 3) Mentioned above, but per player instructions would be a massive improvement. When I have Beckham and C.Ronaldo, both used as RM, there is no way they should have the same player instruction. It is just not realistic to have player instruction confined to the position rather than the player. 4) AI should stop cheating? - Reduce the number of games you draw/lose when you outshoot the AI 30 - 1. - Don't let the AI know the CA/PA of players. Make them scout, and make them use the same information we receive from the scout. - Make AI follow the same transfer budget. I've noticed that teams with tiny transfer budget (when you control them) will suddenly make mega-buck signing when controlled by the AI. I could be mistaken but that impression did appear for me. 5) More media interactions. Having media interaction is a great idea, but only if I have more than 5 choices for team talk, manager interactions, etc. - Add more options - Add more occasions for commenting 6) Do not ask me if an event is a foul or not. I cannot tell if a circle fouled another circle. Unless the game provides me with enough information to make a decision, do not ask me. This "feature" is only highlighting the shortcomings of the 2D pitch engine (my only complaint of the 2D engine). 7) More sounds - team specific chants would be nice 8) Mentioned above which I also think is a great idea: - Shooting charts - Passing charts 9) Seasonal statistics. After a match, these is considerable amount of information. If there is a way we can track those information over the course of a season, and over the course of a player's career would be cool. I guess it will increase the size of a save file, so perhaps make it optional to turn it on/off? 10) Keep a record of the year-end table for every year? I am unable to find where I can view the full table from last year / year before. If you play a dynasty, it would be interesting to have a record of how each of the seasons went for yourself and other teams. 11) Winning World Cups/EURO/Player of the Year/Champions League/League should all increase the player's valuation. - Eg. If C.Ronaldo is worth 30M prior to awards night, if he wins, his worth should shoots up. In this series, I often think the players themselves are not rewarded for winning/recognition. 12) Have players understand the relative importance of the various tournaments. I rested a my starting XI for the Carlington Cup and they get upset - well morale went down. That won't happen IRL. Have a player interaction option of "Next game's not important, take a rest"? Resting in this game requires the players to be fatigued before he is happy to be rested. I just want him to rest for unimportant games.
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