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  1. Got off to a great start and was top after the first 7 games. Skip ahead to December, down to 8th, Coutinho out for 3 months, can't finish off simple chances, staring elimination from the Europa group in the face.. Desperate times.
  2. Will be doing an all nighter on it tonight, got the drinks and snacks ready. Just need to decide which team to go!
  3. Every time I've been manager of a club on past FM's when the club has undergone a takeover, the new owner always has the intention of replacing me - they never do. That has changed on FM16. After successfully meeting my aim of midtable in the SPL with Hibernian (after getting them promoted the season prior) they were taken over by a new businessman, and a few days later I was sacked. We had a rough first half of season but went on a brilliant run in the second half and only narrowly missed out on finishing in the top 6. I should be pretty annoyed about the sacking, but I think it's actually quite good. Anytime I've had the "the new owner is considering your position, they'll let you know soon" message I've just brushed it off, it's good to know that there'll actually be some pressure coming with it now!
  4. I'm sorry but this is quite frankly ridiculous! 60% possession and 47 shots in one game while the opposition have just 4 and the game ends 1-1? Someone please fix this bug
  5. Hi guys, my current laptop runs FM14 at half a star and considering FM is the main reason I use the laptop I'd love to be able to run a fast game for once, so am looking to upgrade for FM15. I'm looking to have 8-12 countries loaded, I generally only watch Key Highlights on matches so the 3D system isn't really that important to me. For reference, my current laptop is a Celeron that runs at 1.10ghz with 8GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive. The ones I'm currently looking at: Toshiba L70 - i5 dual core processor, Runs at 2.2ghz, 8GB RAM and 1TB hard drive - AMDRadeon R7 M260 graphics card - £420 Toshiba L50D - AMD A8-6410 quad core processor, Runs 2.0ghz, 8GB RAM, and 1TB hard drive - AMDRadeon R5 M230 graphics card - £350 HP Pavilion 15 - AMD A8-7410 APU quad core processor, Runs at 2.2ghz, 8GB RAM, and 1TB hard drive - AMDRadeon HDAMD Radeon R5 Graphics card - £350 HP 17-p000na - AMD a6-6310m quad core processor, Runs at 2.4ghz, 8GB RAM, and a 1TB hard drive - AMD radeon r4 graphics card - £380 Which one do you think would run FM best? Which one is the best value for money? And at an estimate at which star rating do you think the game would run at?
  6. Sterling is incredible as the right winger in this tactic, 6 goals and 5 assists in 4 games
  7. I'm playing as Liverpool and obviously Origi is loaned out to Lille, but midway through the season he picked up an injury and Lille moved him to their reserve team while he recovered, except now all his previous stats for the first half of the season have been removed and he's now at 0 apps and 0 goals, when he had played 15+ games and scored a few goals last I checked. I had this same problem on FM14 when I had a player in on loan myself and signed him midway through a season, and when I signed him his first half of the season stats were removed from his 'history' page.
  8. Say for example I have Dele Alli scouted and he has 1.5 gold stars on "Current ability" but a further half star as black, and on "Potential Ability" he has 2 stars gold and a further 1.5 stars are black, what does it mean?
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