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  1. Didn't mean its a cheat cheat, but its seems powerful as im even getting 20+ shots some games and having the most possession. Even vs Lazio and Roma who are miles better I matched them with a poor team
  2. Seems a cheat tactic lol - Using a counter attack with Capri in siera A - So far played 3 top teams 3 draws but im not being dominate, even vs Roma I had 56% possession. Playing simple 4141 with TMs WMs CMs B2Bs WMs FBs CDd CDd WBs GK Defensive - Flexible no TI's and the only PI I have is the right WM to cut in with ball and WB to run wide with ball Might change the B2B to DLPs against similar teams to myself. With DLFs I find hes going wide and I have no one in the middle to get the ball too
  3. Playing in Italy you see some odd formations, what are peoples thought on the style of player these are based on? e.g. are they slow possession based? 1) AF CFs SS DMd DMs DMs FBs CDd CDd FBs 2nd AFa AMs WBs Dms DMs WBs Fbs CDd CDd FBs (very high line) second one seems so odd player by Udinese, back 4 and the next back of 4 are basically touching each other
  4. Just gave this ago and it was excellent! Roma vs Fiorentina (me) Last few times I play these I always lose, but on this save I tried playing defensive and won 1 nil restricting Roma to long shots and there long striker totally isolated. Defensive - Fluid TI: Slightly Deeper + mixed passing CFs TARQa WMs CMd CMs WMa FBs CDd CDd FBs As the game went on I change the left WM to sit inside and cut inside with ball, changed the TARq to AMs and the left FB to attack. Alonso and Pasqual worked well together down the left and the TARQ did nothing. I might try 442 next time instead of the off centre AM. The best football was played with AFa AMs WMa CMd DLPs Ws FBa CDd CDd FBd the ball was played nice, watching the game it looked like I was playing a shot control style of football probing around. When I lost the ball there was on average 6 players back, forcing Roma wide. Its worth watching the games on comp highlights, more the game went on I could see certain things did not work. And defensive worked better then counter.
  5. Working on similar with Viola atm, but I keep getting the feeling something is not right as pre season lesser teams get some nice chances but what I have found working best so far is CFa DLFs Ta BMWd B2B WBs WBa CDd CDc BPDs I tried RCWBa and to often he was isolated with no one near, also the reason for putting a B2B on his side to help give him support. I prefer CF and DLF upfront, when we win the ball there both in space with the DLF deeper, rather then the poacher to close to a defender and it can make for some nice counter attacks. My main aim was to play short passing and to work it around but I cant get it to work. Found Standard/Control with Flexible to be best so far, leave less gaps. On Fluid a CB liked to venture forward TI: Pass into space tighter marking early cross close down more (TI for WBs to close down even more, sick of watching them shadow the opposition)
  6. Hey all, I like Fiorentina and want to try play how Sousa has got them playing with is possession based football with lots of chance via through balls Fiorentina Style Possession football Short passes Attempt through balls often Attack through the middle Take long shots Control the game in the opposition's half Tactics im trying Main formation will prob be 3412 which is what they use most of the time, followed by 433 The only trouble im having is trying to play possession leads to either a) player walking into the opposition with his head down losing the ball b) all my players move up and then just stand around whilst a MC has the ball with little to no option
  7. Nice, im trying to get this to work with Fiorentina, also a version with a AMC instead of DM. Struggling to get must out of my strikers though, seems I have the ball and pass it around a bit but nothing happens other then that. I kind of just play to make it awkward of the opposition
  8. Never managed in France but this seems interesting, just started a season
  9. Always wanted to try play a slow possession based game but never got it to work from FM12-FM15. Not tried it in FM16 yet
  10. Im also getting a pause every time I want to change screen aswell
  11. meh get so frustrated with this game, trying to play a 3 CB 2WB 1DM 2CM 2FW Idea is short passing, nice and tight, CB have the option to give it to the DM or WB, WB or DM can pass to the MC, they work up together slowly, F9 drops deep to help make more numbers. All i can accomplish by trying to make this is getting pinned in my own half and watch the other team have 20-30+ shots, but they end up doing what im trying to do. when i move in to tackle, they pass it back to their CDs to recycle. When i do get the ball forward, i just watch my player get tackled, im really confused. I have tried playing with basic postions like DMd, MCs, MCa, AF, DLF, WBs and RGA, DLP, ALP, F9, CF and the result is the same, im basically just getting my 11 players to be a wall. What do you need to see from me to help rectify it?
  12. Tried it at lower leagues, I wasn't scoring enough, when I did try it at higher levels, soon as you come across a strong pair of CBs with a DM its hard to win anything and when you do its harder to get a good header at goal. Another problem I found was sometimes the ball will go up early and my man wins the header, but just flicks it on to nobody, bit like Kenwyn Jones does at Cardiff...
  13. I think you should think about more of the lines of "I want to play like this, does this player have the attributes to fill that role" If he doesn't, you can see if he can do a job in another role or be trained to play their
  14. I see, I have been reading more and have had a lot better results with my 433 DM wide now looking at roles, ment. Previously it looks like I have been picking the roles the wrong way, eg picking a formation and setup that's completely opposite to what I want I still lost some games, but I wasn't watching most of the game with the oppo passing it around, I was finally getting some counter attacks, whipping balls in from deep to my TM. But I still cant get a formation like this to work with short slow tempo CD - CD - CD WB-----------WB -------DM-------- ---CM-----CM---- ----F9--CF------ Still suffering the problem of not being able to get out my box. But the CPU uses it to great effect and they also seem to got a lot of width with their WBs hugging the touch line I think FM needs to introduce a pre season only mode which gives you a lot of time to practice formations without fear of getting sacked
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