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  1. How are people getting so much for Lallana? Just offering him to clubs?
  2. That's definitely Gedson Fernandes alright.
  3. Thank you, managed to find a topic on it that explains it reasonably well.
  4. Can anyone give me an idiots guide breakdown of what the wages section of the Financial Fair Play regulations are? I'm approaching season 2 and have been advised I'm going to breach them!
  5. Delighted with my league performance in the first season, full review to follow.
  6. At least yours was a victory, my under 18s got beat 10-1 by Leicester!
  7. Gutted, Coutinho has sulked his way to a Barcelona move. Moreno off to PSG with Grimaldo coming in to replace him and trying for Pulisic to replace little Phil.
  8. Finally finished my first season as have tried to go a bit more in depth with tactics than I usually do, paid off as I won the league by 19 points with my attempt at a 4-3-3 Gegenpress formation. Lots of adjusting and tweaking depending on the opposition but only two defeats, one of which was playing a weakened team in the last game of the season and conceding a ridiculous late goal courtesy of Karius forgetting he was allowed to take one step forward and clear the ball instead of waiting for Berahino to run in from 10 yards away and finish into an empty net! End of Season Competitions Transfers Tactics Base Instructions Coutinho was excellent after a very poor start, scoring 23 goals from an AML inside forward position, Firmino got 18 goals and 8 assists as a false 9, Luan got 11 goals and 10 assists from AMR inside forward and Milner 10 goals and 9 assists from midfield. De Vrij and Luan were my only two big signings, De Vrij only because Lovren sulked his way to China, with most of my cash being spent on youth. Alex Grimaldo coming next season though for a hefty £30 million and I'm hoping to sign Xabi Alonso on a free and bring in Berahino also on a free.
  9. I'm inclined to try that for now because finding an out and out right winger is proving to be very difficult.
  10. My initial plan was to develop a tactic where Moreno would overlap Coutinho on the left but Mané/A N Other winger would hug the line as Clyne is not so good going forward but I suppose there's potential to improve Clyne's attacking and get lots of bodies in and around the penalty area.
  11. Are you playing him as a winger? I'd initially discounted him due to his age.
  12. Thanks @gmulv @MrMungo I'm looking, I suppose, for both. Initially I was thinking shorter term until I can develop Kent but if there's a good long term prospect out there who can also do a job now I wouldn't be averse to splashing the cash on him.
  13. @Kevmcc87 cheers, I like the look of Ounas so may give him a go. I plan to try and develop Ryan Kent to so as to have a couple of options for when Mané's head is turned as seems sadly inevitable by what I read on here!
  14. Hi everyone, just got round to buying the new game and as always I'm starting with a Liverpool save, I don't want to make too many alterations to the squad but I'm looking to find a good pacy right winger to compete with or back up Mané. Grateful for any suggestions, looking to play with an AMR as winger rather than inside forward etc. and no one else in the squad has the sort of pace I'm after.
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