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  1. does your defence close down and tackle? no matter how high i play, mine just track back and do no tackling at all
  2. lol so are you saying you can play a high pressing short passing, posession based game with this ME? Coz thats the football i like to play, and the sort of football i was playing with great success until three days ago. now the exact same concept than won me a championship, a cup and a great run in the league and europe in my second season has ceased to work. how do you explain that?
  3. i can relate to what you're saying. however there is no point in making some aspects of the team and individual instructions work, if all the others dont. after a quick browse of a few tactic forums, ive noticed that the only mildly successfull tactics around are super offensive tactics that just run at the opponents defence or bang hundreds of balls into the área to 2 or 3 strikers. thats not my perception of successfull football mate. i can understand why these approaches work: defending is so poor and clean sheets so hard to obtain that you need to outscore your opponents to win games; taking into account that opponents just run at our defence and all they do is track back and not challenge the ball, it only makes sense that we can do the same to them, coz trying to implement a passing game seems to be impossible and pointless. FM is the most realistic football management game ever, and i have thoroughly enjoyed it for over 15 years now, but unfortunately this rendering of the ME isnt realistic. i have total confidence it will be solved, i just wish we would be past this point after the beta. although im annoyed, i wont stp playing and hitting my head against the Wall, coz i love this game. what will happen is that eventually i'll find an acceptable way of playing super offensive "headless" football, in which i can still extract some sort of positive experience form the game, however shortly after i do this, the ME will be updated and i will have to "learn" how to play it all over again. Its exactly the same story as last year. A manager can never really stay true to his tactical principles and concepts, because he needs to adapt them to the current interpretation of the ME.
  4. you seem to have all the answers dave. there are dozens of us here complaining about the players inability to close down and tackle, however u seem to know how to solve all this, please do share!
  5. i only updated to the last patch of the beta just before the full game release, because i read that the ME was worse. Hoped that the full-game release would solve it. Apparently they changed nothing.
  6. why? the ME might have been flawed at the time, but it was much better than it is now. It was playable and enjoyable, now it is none of those things.
  7. Since the last patch/full game launch my defenders and def-mids have turned into pudding. The opposition just runs past them and they dont even atempt to tackle, they just track back and eventually if a winger crosses into the ?rea you have 6 players in or around the penalty box, they obviously either fail to mark anyone or clear the ball outside the box where two or three opposition players are always alone just waiting to pounce on it. i've tried everything, higher d-line, stronger tackling, more closing down, but nothing seems to work. i havent seen one of my players make a successful tackle in a couple of matches now, although in the stats it shows that they do tackle, and quite successfully, just cant see it happen and get run-over by weaker teams that i was beating before the patch. it has rendered my save unplayable. all i can do is wait for a nother patch, and it is so frustrating. Before this patch i noticed that some players, especial wing-backs were getting too good ratings and too many tackles. SI has obviously tried to tone this down, but i think they've gone too far. Getting positive ratings is a nightmare now and the opposition looks much more dinamic on and off the ball, in a way that apparently i just cant achieve, no matter what formation or style of play i try. Its like diferente rules apply to both teams. I still manage to win a few games, but its an absolute grind. Im not saying the game should be easier, just more coherent. Anyway... needed to vent this... lol i hope they solve this soon, coz im having no fun at all with this game now, when just two days or three ago, before the last patch of the beta, i was having the time of my life. Remember last year we went through exactly the same issues with the match engine and patches, was hoping it would be diferente this year.
  8. http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2013-tactics-training/111264-modern-warfare-442-a.html
  9. remember to take tight marking off the FB's. again, flat back 4 i know will work better defensively, in terms of the man marking on FB's, the jury is still out, i havent yet been able to put my finger on the best combination of settings here.
  10. i'd say its because of the pushed up WB's. i've played this way before, and i dont think having them up the pitch instead of next to the CB's makes that much a difference offensively, but it does defensively, especially when playing a high d-line. you will concede a lot from crosses to the second post because they wont mark the wing opponent well and will make the CB's have to cover too much space, so they leave gaps for through balls. i'd play a flat back 4, even for the offensive tactic, and play around with the marking of the WB's to see which works best. personally i havent made up my mind on which works best, man or zonal marking on full-backs, but i tend to go with man marking with no tight marking, otherwise they will sometimes mark the forward instead of the winger.
  11. that link doesnt show me that screenshot lol shows me some other strange image. have you pinpointed how you concede most your goals? through the wings or through the middle? set pieces, through balls through middle of defense? crosses?
  12. tactic looks great, great ideas and great results! but it seems to concede quite a bit, although it definately scores quite a bit too! but not many clean sheets. i will have a look at it when i get home from work. do you play this tactic home and away and change to the defensive tactic when winning or do you use the defensive one for hard away games as the starting tactic? edit: can you also post some screenshots of the previous years league table please
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