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  1. why is it no matter what update you put in i get injuries all the time i don't mind a few but 11 injuries is taking the mick is anyone else having same problems
  2. patient my friend if you read what tom as said on here he's been faffing around, building his new pc so what comes first i ask PC or SKIN i think PC so Tom will release it when he's ready
  3. Does anyone know when the new winter update will be released please
  4. Handy500 Is right i have read this in a magazine that they are making a zoo game and football manager will be taken a break so handy 500 is not monkeying about at all but i think its a lot off Rubbish why would SI stop making FM the magazine as got it wrong but only time will tell
  5. hi drakestone did you get round to doing the scoreboard for me
  6. Ive downloaded the new update v0.9b but in the game on interface its says its v0.7b ??
  7. is there any chance you can do a link just for the scoreboard please
  8. blue&white one looks good with my QPR team
  9. can you put a down load link to the backgrounds on here please ive tried 2 sign up in fm brasil and i can't do it
  10. is there anyway i can change it myself please ???
  11. hi tom is there any chance you can resize the header as when your playing a match its stays dropped down it would be better if it would hide away
  12. can you release it with out going on 2 steam as some of us don't know how 2 do it with steam
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