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  1. There was a young left winger at Derby County around about the same time that Tom Huddlestone was there... can't remember his name... but he was always absolutely awesome with assists coming left, right and centre but IRL he has never so much as made a blip on the map.
  2. 11th Season Blues

    In one aspect I find I actually enjoy the game alot more once there are no 'real' players left, you are left with your own lil football world and, I don't know, just seems more realistic in a backwards kinda way.
  3. Contracts vs. Training

    I am of the opinion that the sooner you can get them into full time training the better. They seem to progress better and quicker.
  4. This happens in the game. I had an Arsenal save where due to an impending board takeover I wasn't able to sign players in the January transfer window, only for the takeover to fail. It then happened again on the same save a few years later in a summer window although it was resolved before the window shut but I still missed out on a couple of players I was hoping to sign. As for adding to the thread... players refusing to play out of position!
  5. Manchester City in FM2009

    Robinho probably/may well have thought that seen as though Man City now have all this money then a lot of very good/world class players are going to turn up at Eastlands over the next year and they are going to turn into a major force... plus I'm gonna get paid a hell of a lot to play in the best league in the world, so I might as well sign now. The next player that signs will see that Robinho, one of the best players in the world, has signed so this must be a sign for the future that Man City are gonna spend big and make themselves one of the best teams in the world. Then the next player to sign sees that Robinho and that other player... etc. And so it will go on. I'm pretty sure that Robinho, for all the money he is getting paid, wouldn't have signed if someone somewhere didn't convince him that City have major plans for the future.
  6. The Team Selection.

    That really got me chuckling... the idea of Arsene Wenger on an Ibiza beach in flowery board shorts and hawaiian shirt combo... hehehehe...
  7. Tired legs, fast pace, players with low determination and/or professionalism... not massively outrageous.
  8. Took control of AFC Wimbledon after the 1st season in Blue Square South and immediately got Arsenal as a parent team. The first 3 seasons I had consecuative promotions using the same 4 long term loans from Arsenal (Gavin Hoyte, Kyle Bartley, Jack Whiltshire (who I retrained as a CF) and Jay Simpson (who was a goal machine)). Often, especially as I progressed up the leagues, I would get some additional 3 month loans. In short Arsenal played a massive role in my rise to the Premiership and I was actually very gutted when the link was eventually cancelled when I got to the Prem some 8 years later. By that point, however, a lot of the players that I had loaned from Arsenal had me or Wimbledon as favorites so I was able to or already had signed them permanently.
  9. See, clubs like Man Utd have a Chairman, a million Directors, General Manager, Director of Football... where as a club like Middlesbrough simply have a Chairman. In FM World what exactly do all those board members do? It's obvious what the Chairman does but what about the rest?
  10. Holiday? Holiday? Well I hope you regret it 'cos that is one very bad way to completely ruin a game.
  11. Having Arsenal's new stadium named after me (The Bell Arena) on 07 (I think) after winning 12 consecutive league titles (18 in all) and 7 or 8 consecutive European Cups (over 10 in all) and accumulating over 2 billion in the bank. I half expected the board to take some away 'cos they kept threatening in the confidence page. But yeah, that screen announcing the new stadium was my mobile's wallpaper for some time.
  12. Has anyone ever issued an ultimatum to the board of their club and got a positive response? Not once in all my time of playing FM have I ever got a positive response back even when I've been classed as World Class, been at a club and been ridiculously successful for ages.
  13. I started a new game managing Watford, won the Championship in season 1 and, using a 4-4-2 tactic focusing on mega defending and very direct and fast passing to two very quick target men running onto the ball, managed to finish 3rd (!!!!) in the Premiership in my second season. I wasn't offered a new contract and Pat Rice of all people gets my old job leaving me unable to find a new team that wasn't in League 2 or Blue Square.
  14. Playing as Arsenal once on the 07 game (I think) I moved to the Bell Arena... I had been manager for over 40 years by that point. When the screen came up in the news it said something along the lines of 'it has been named after the clubs most successful ever manager'.
  15. MLS Designated Player

    Nope, he went after the first season to some Mexican club (Reyna that is). I didn't realise you could trade designated player slots... I am actually quite enjoying playing in MLS, it's a lot more difficult it seems to be consistently successful with the wage cap, international player rules etc.