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  1. What happens if you win the Europa League?
  2. Ah, I haven't though about that, thats a nice little tip!
  3. Hi! Would anyone disagree that a player with an ambitious personality and a media handling of evasive and unflappable would be the best candidate for youth development? If I read this correctly, any ambitious personality indicates 15+ for ambition, and evasive and unflappable as the media handling gives 15+ for professionalism, pressure and temperament. Pressure and temperament is an added bonus of course. Or are there any other combo of personality and media handling that is better? Not counting Model Citizens of course, since they are extremly rare.
  4. Option 2 every day of the week, love the transfer activity and moneyball attempt
  5. There is a option in the FM14 editor to add a rule that sees the last winner of competition X enter competition Y, but if there is no way of just adding this instead of recreating both competitions I'll be sad
  6. It is interesting yes, I just wish I knew how to add the rule in the FM14 editor to allow EL winners in to CL
  7. Hmm, is there no way of doing it as explained in the FAQ? By adding a nation to the competition and then edit it through that and advanced rules? I had a look just now, but I couldnt find any easy way of doing it, but maybe some wizard of the forum might know a way? And yes, I noticed that the coefficient page in the game was completely empty, maybe thats why Juventus, Bayern etc was playing qualification and teams from Andorra and San Marino went straight into the group stage.
  8. @Mystic_Defeneder, they are from Liechtenstein, Vaduz is the capitol. All Liechtenstein teams play in the swiss league structure and therefore they have no CL spot. @Linie, thats awesome news! Any pics?
  9. Hi, I have a simple question. Is there any way you can edit rules in an existing competition? What I want to do is add the rule that the EL winner gets a spot in the CL for FM14. Any easy way to do this or do I have to create both competitions from scratch? I've tried that but failed miserably, ie. Juventus playing in the first qualifier round, teams winning in rounds not getting through etc :s
  10. Now that the winner of the Europa League gets a Champions League spot, can you actually get Vaduz in to the CL? Has anyone tried? It may be the ultimate challenge, win the Champions League with Vaduz!
  11. Yes I know, and its probably common knowledge that you cant get to the Champions League by finishing in the top 2 in the league. But my question is, if you win the Europa League, will you be get CL football next season? Remember, any other EL winner will get CL football the following season, and Im curious if that applies to Vaduz as well. Im still playing FM14, and that new ruling was not implemented at the time, so I cant check. If anyone wants to, they can load up the editor, give around 15 players CA/PA 200/200, and just holiday a test save. That should be enough for Vaduz to win the EL. It would be really cool and would take this particular challenge to the next level, winning the Champions League with Vaduz, which you can only do the season after you win the Europa League!
  12. Although this is mostly bragging (and FM14), I find this kind of amusing as well. Spending £1.5m on wages a year compared to PSG, Monaco, Marseille, Lille etc and still manage a CL spot, and two cup finals! I am actually spending less than 1% of what PSG is :s Click them for bigger pics.
  13. They have increased the number of players that are model citizen's on FM13? Or have they changed the requirements? Im still on FM12 and there is only one at the start of the game.
  14. Ooooh, if you find a model citizen I would be so jealous!
  15. Hard to tell, but national rep seems to be required. But as you may know, rep is based on a scale from 1 to 10000, so even though your rep is national it may not be high enough. Money wise I would guess its a matter of what country you play in as costs differs from, say England and Albania.