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  1. You can already do that. But to do it you have to cheat and Add a manager at a national team sack the current U21 manager then appoint yourself. I once done it to see and it worked. I won the U21 championship but still got sacked.
  2. I agree totally with this – many young players play in lots of positions before they settle or the manager/coach decides which one they specialise in. Good idea </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Agree with all thse ideas. Also -To be able to set up training camps around the world. -To have special youth days to pick up some great prospects -Better interaction with Chairman/Fans/Captain/ass man/Youth players. - To be able to agree to join a club at the end of the season rather than joining straight away. -To have the Fans Favourite Player/s highlighted so you know who the fans favourite players are.
  3. Great ideas especially the 1st one as its annoying that some of my feeders have poor youth facilities so produce about 1 decent player every 5 years.
  4. I think it should show the away attendance at a game aswell because then you know how many of your fans travelled to the game. This should be affected by the distance between the clubs and whether midweek or not. This shouldn't take much to add in(well not as big as other things being requested) but would be a nice little feature.
  5. 1. Improved player interaction 2.Improved Chairman interaction 3.For your Chairman to give you expectations of where he wants the club to be in 5-10 years time. 4.When your the manager of a country you should get much more press and the fans should turn on you when you've not won for abit but love you when you win (England Fans) 5.To be able to see the manager icon on the Match screen. 6.International management should be improved in every way
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