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  1. Nope... You have: 1) SI staff internal testing team 2) SI recruit from these forums external beta testers 3) SI offer beta to pre-orders Those in 1) get the beta first...those in 2) get the beta prior to 3)...when 3) get the beta its usually at the same version that 2) has... Those in 2) have had the beta for a few weeks now.
  2. The 91 people will be the external beta testers, not SI staff. I've done it for years but this year was too busy but we started to get the beta 3 weeks ago...you have sign a NDA so you can't talk about it...but not for me this year.
  3. Is there a beta coming out soon or something? I seem to remember something vaguely about it?
  4. I've been using these skins from his first release...they are just pure quality.
  5. Would prefer not to have to create an account and subscribe to download it...
  6. Quality, always loved your skins Tom...
  7. It is a nice idea but would be impossible to code, in effect what you are asking for is AI that is too advanced for FM.
  8. I am in Inverness and never knew he was up this neck of the woods! What a sad loss.... Stace, can you update us? I am pained to read his death could be drugs related and you say this is not correct, I work for the newspapers in our area and have can find no further update to the story via our reporters or on our websites. Your brother was much respected on here and will be sadly missed.
  9. 30 goals???? I had a MC in CM03-04 with Diablo that scored 97 goals in a season...it wasn't the tactic that was good it was a flaw in the ME as stated...you wont get that in FM11 or any other FM...
  10. The WWW formation and the SW formation in CM01/02 are legendary ONLY because they take advantage of ME flaws and NOT because thay are great tactics..diablo was anothe for CM4....recreating them is daft and they won't work. The SW formation consited of 2 defenders, 3 DMC's, 3 MC's, 1 AMC and 1 ST with NO width at all but it destroyed teams in CM01/02 because of flaws... FM11 is much better because there are now simply no super tactics...stick to doing realistic ones!!!
  11. This project is not feasible, it would take you months....
  12. Have you installed it here: C:/Program Files/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2011\data\updates\update-1120\events
  13. Also, if you have installed the game from DVD and have the 11.2.1 update installed do you need to copy the events.cfg you have created to the folder: C:/Program Files/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2011\data\updates\update-1120\events ?
  14. Great stuff, been using your V1 since it came out so looking forward to V2...can you tell us a few of the things you have added?