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  1. To be honest, I don't think you should change much at all. From what I can see you are doing well, although you may indeed lack a little penetration (which is why Paul suggested the CM(A). CCC's are overrated, it's more important to look at where your shots are coming from, and it seems to me that since they are coming from just outside or inside the box, you have no real issues here.
  2. I took FH to be CL winners on FM12 or 13. Very interesting save that was.
  3. http://www.passion4fm.com/football-manager-2015-regens-dates/ First hit on google.
  4. The money isn't actually gone, but obviously all deducted from your budget. Otherwise you'd be able to spend it multiple times. Regarding the loan deal, there's more taken into calculation there than just the monthly fee afaik.
  5. Is it always the same defender that steps out of the line? Because a CD on stopper with a control mentality and TI of close down more will be very aggressive afaik.
  6. I'm following this with keen interest, I've always wanted to play a lower league save in France.
  7. Declare interest in him and see how he responds. If he's not interested, he's not interested.
  8. Why wouldn't that be possible? It's not because someone gets played out of position that he can't play a good game in said position.
  9. Afaik, that option is already there as Dagenham_dave stated, in the form of FMC.
  10. How are your fitness levels looking?
  11. I had some amazing careers in Finland and Iceland in previous versions.
  12. Injury players aren't that big an issue, but you have to really keep an eye on them so you don't overplay them and can substitute them in time when an opponent starts playing a very aggressive type of game.
  13. As Jumbohotdog stated, it's only an issue in England because of the extra cup you compete in, and because of the games that are moved due to the World Club Championship.
  14. I'm not sure if this is a tycoon takeover or not, but Tottenham just got a new chairman who took over the club for 610m euros and was looking to get it onto the stock exchange. Club is now worth 1.07B and has the rich status, so if this interests anyone, I can always put it up for grabs.
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