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  1. I've always had a bit of a hatred for inside forwards too, always seemed a bit overpowered to me! Had a quick play with your tactic @Murcon17and found that using advanced playmakers on the flanks seemed to really work in stopping the wide men dribbling and created some really nice passing moves, defensively they seemed a bit hit and miss but didn't play too much with the team or player instructions so may be able to make this more consistent. Trequartistas seem to work really well too, although they have times when they decide to ignore all instructions and try to take on the whole team! Fun
  2. Thanks @ryandormer much appreciated. Like I said, not much time on FM21 yet so looking forward to the possibility of some attacking possession football!! Regarding the Regista, I've always been a fan and have used them successfully in the past, but has always required very intelligent players in front of him, deciding when to stick and when to twist, but also the ability to anticipate situations. This meant it limited the ability to use it in lesser teams. A DLP with the right instructions can be just as effective with progressive football and killer passes while remaining better positio
  3. Great advice @ryandormer, i've also had (some) success using similar roles and movement is key. Not had a great deal of time on FM21 yet but I suspect it is similar to FM20 in that the ME really penalises possession based tactics. It's common to see 60% + possession, 30 shots to you 2 against and draw 1-1... or lose! I tend to use an IF one side and Winger the other. Behind the winger I tend to use an IWB and on that side I play the more attacking central midfielder, the IWB then covers some of his marauding play. The one question I would like to ask you @ryandormer is how have you manage
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