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  1. I like the idea of using the team meetings and the quote above is the perfect scenario because it does give you, sort of, a flavor of player personalities and you often see the more influential leaders in the team rallying the squad up a bit. Gives it a more personal touch than simply clicking 'close down... mark tightly' etc before every game. It is, however, a lottery with the odds stacked against you, as people have already said, and for that reason I avoid it like the plague. Doesn't mean I don't like the idea.
  2. I like to look at team talks as a more fluid tool than something you just press automatically while skipping to the actual match. I know some people find it boring but it's probably the most influential part if used right or wrongly. Don't get Complacent is something I use if I expected the other team to play better and I'm only a goal or two up. If we're 3-0 up against a poor team then I would expect the players to question my own belief in them. I find I get a decent response when I use it that way followed up with individual 'I have faith' for all positions, tends to motivate them brilliantly when used at the start and half time.
  3. This is something that's been happening very frequently for me, to begin with I put it down to poor players in the lower leagues but it's happening constantly in the Championship as well and that's players bottling it in the dying seconds of the match so the ref can blow his whistle. I could be 1-0 down or even drawing, full on attack to try and get more points, with 5 seconds left I've got a player pelting down the wing and instead of crossing for a chance on goal he'll smash it out for a goal kick. I've even seen them try to kick it out, hit a defender and rather than take this chance to beat the man and run in on goal they'll have another go at booting it out for a goal kick. It's by far and above the most frustrating thing I've encountered so far and it seems to happen every time I'm in dire need of a winning goal!
  4. I had that at low league but they moved the fixture the day before. My squad was a right mess and we'd lost a lot of ground in the league because of it. Just glad I had a strong start to cushion the blow.
  5. The one that always makes me laugh is when you have a go at your player for a bad performance. If its in and around 4.something I tend have a quiet yet polite word and drop them. But they'll usually come back saying the whole team did badly and picking on them isn't fare... I dunno mate, even the analysis pointed out it was your 20 f'ups that lost us the game! I'm yet to get a good reaction from pulling rank either... seemed to work for Fergie though.
  6. Yeah I passed the deadline and nothing was made of it. They all seemed to have either forgotten or the game leaves it till deadline day before the player assess the situation again to decide if they're satisfied. Either way everyone seem's happy, apart from one buzz kill who still wants to leave, but you always get one lol.
  7. I would have called BS but I didn't see the editors 'spanner' in the task bar at the top, though he could have used other means of editing I guess. But I've also had some rather remarkable experiences myself, my League 1 Wycombe side made it into the FA Cup final and lost 4-3 to Norwich. We had a very easy run though, with 1 upset against a struggling Everton, so strange things do happen... this is perhaps the strangest.
  8. I've been looking at the general training focus for my squad (where the pie chart is) and I noticed that Balanced takes up 85%, Team Cohesion is 6%, Fitness is 6% and Attacking is 4%. The rest are at 0%. This is quite confusing because I would have assumed Balanced would include all areas balanced out nicely but the pie chart doesn't seem to suggest this, especially as Attacking, which has been my 'main focus' under the schedule, is so low. My team do seem to be struggling to put the ball in the back of the net as well, we win but not usually by much and I always get my ass man telling me we're struggling to finish despite possession. Thus for the focus on Attacking. All coaching areas are covered as well. Any ideas or is it simply that the pie chart doesn't accurately reflect what's going on?
  9. Maybe it's how you say it? When congratulating players I tend to go for a passionate tone. I've found it gets players to like me quicker, which in turn gives more weight to your team talks ('Player feels like he gets on well with the manager' rather than 'seemed deep in thought'...whatever the hell that means) It might also be something to do with how long you've known the player. I remember last year if a player got his first international cap he thanked you, the manager, for your support. Now you don't get so little as a handshake.... or I haven't, despite nurturing about 50% of the England U21's. I have noticed strange reactions during start/end of season squad talks. When you say you're confident of a mid-table finish after a season you got promoted in they all seem to think i've been smoking something. A couple of the older, ambitious players tend to agree with me but the rest act like a bunch of school children who've just been told there's exams next year. Heads drop and their summer is ruined lol.
  10. Hi all, I've got a load of decent young players who I signed up a few seasons ago for my league 2 team, the promise of 1st team football was a lure, but now they're requesting that I strengthen the squad to help gain promotion into the Prem. This wouldn't be an issue but I've already added depth and quality (well to what I can afford) I even signed Rio Ferdinand to add some experience at the back, which was greeted with much appreciation by squad and fans alike, but they still say I'm running out of time. Is this something that lasts till the window closes or am I expected to sign the likes of Messi and Rooney for my Championship side before they wise up? They've all got decent contracts to run out and I have no intention of selling, yet, but unrest in the camp isn't going to aid my promotion hopes lol.
  11. Just edited my post above. I went back to check after another week and he'd gone right up. It might have taken longer because his CA was about 30 and I threw it up to 130 with a PA of 160.
  12. He's had about 2 months now and still not much improvement. He's still quite young, which may be a factor. I'm not too bothered tbh, was just a test to see what happened. Edit, I just checked him again and they've rocketed up. Seems it does work, just takes a few weeks to kick in.
  13. I tried this out earlier, picked a random yet dreadful youth (one who sitting on borrowed time contract wise) and whacked his PA and CA up. His stats haven't improved much more than they were already yet my staff seem to think he should be made a Key Player lol.
  14. You could just lower his overall wages to balance it out? Question of my own here, does added preferred moves have any impact on the CA of a player? Seems changing a players stats can be a bit of a minefield unless you know what you're doing. Was wondering if I gave my players some more desirable moves for their position then I could improve their game in more subtle, less intrusive ways?
  15. Hi all, wonder if anyone could give me a heads up as to why my edited players stats make a sharp decline after being edited using the in-game editor? I started a save up to take advantage of the tool and just have a mess about with it. Naturally I understand that the hidden attributes have their say as much as the training setup and how you balance the player out (physical costs more than mental etc) But I didn't do anything drastic and the player had been making significant improvements on his own before I aided his development. Was just wondering if there was something I was missing? It's my first venture into in-game editing so maybe I'm missing something obvious like the player balancing himself out over time to adjust to the changes? I did do a search but I couldn't find anything, maybe I worded it wrong. Thanks. Edit: I kept searching and found a thread with some answers. Feel free to share your own thoughts if you want though.
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