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  1. Long shots seem to be a bit OP this year. The AI scores a worldie every other game against me. The Vanarama North end of season DVD is going to be a bunch of 30 yard wonder goals against my poor Leamington side.
  2. This was a really good read, thank you. I seem to be similar to you where I tried all manner of formations expecting a style to develop but didn't really know how I wanted the team to play. I have never used a Target man before because I have only ever heard bad things. How does he work out for you? Does he yield many goals? Do you recommend any particular physical attributes for a TM? (Tall for example).
  3. Playing as Reading and recieved a loan offer for Tom Holmes from Fleetwood. I tried to manually type in a playing monthly fee of £500, when I did this the drop down box to select an amount would not go away. I pressed enter and clicked submit, Fleetwood accepted the terms. The drop down box was still there. I clicked on £5m to see if it would go away but this then chaged the previously agreed upon £500 figure to £5mil. Tom Holmes has accepted the terms and I can now agree the deal. I have saved a screenshot of this. To replicate this all it takes is a
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