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  1. Not that I know of, but it's not that much of a hassle. I do this each season for first team and my youth squads and it's a 5 minute job at most. You get notified when matches change (and I think each week as a heads up) so you can change the schedule to reflect that.
  2. Having the same outcome here. Pretty sure it's my team. A lack of strength in defense is being exposed against big teams. I bought some younger players who will grow into the role because somehow the AI has gone nuts with fees. 5 clubs spent over £150mil on a single player (2025) and 3 of them with me in the Prem so I just don't have the cash to compete.
  3. Great post @engamohd How does it fare against teams who park the bus? Do they still fall into the trap or do you need to apply this tactic against better teams who will push for a goal? I bet you get some good 'edge of your seat gameplay' either way. I would love to see some end of season stats with this. Particularly how it managed in Europe.
  4. I wouldn't worry too much about discontent with pre-season training. Once you go to normal training it should all go quiet.
  5. This looks like the kind of formation that can carry you to the Prem but will drag you back down in a season or two lol. As you say, you need the players. I like a defensive winger but they're hard roles to fill. Very intensive! Probably work with a huge team and maybe a smaller one like Leicester who have quality in places.
  6. I'm really enjoying this tactic and it's sparked me back into enjoying the game. I know this isn't a plug and play tactic but as you pointed out, others have had some quick success. I tried it on a whim as I was running out of ideas in the new season after a bad start with Reading and we played so much better. 10 games in and we still lose some (squad isn't designed for the playstyle yet) but when it clicks, we play some beautiful football. The movement and passing is really fun to watch. The back 3 defensive positions scream 'this won't work!' but for some reason we are more s
  7. After a run of 5 games without a win, my Premier league new boys Reading were facing the mighty Man Utd (top by 10 points at Christmas and unbeaten). Press conference asked me how I plan to cope and I saw an option about tactical surprises. I clicked it and did the cardinal sin of 'plug and play' with this strikerless tactic. I think the AI was baffled because we managed to win 2-1 lol. Surprising how well positioned everyone was at the back. We went back to struggling afterwards so it's certainly not a tactic for the underdog and we just dont have the players for a short passing ga
  8. Can I ask, outside of the comments that @crusadertsar made earlier, did you report back on the first match (mid season perhaps?) where the team has little to no familiarity with the tactic? Or did you try with the editor on to maximise familiarity and see how it works on a team that is used to it? I don't ask to criticise your feedback, moreso to get an understanding of it. Some tactics like this work almost immediately but this one strikes me as a work in progress that won't yield results unless you have players that are used to it.
  9. Thats true, I used to turn down loan requests for youth because they said the player would be a squad player or rotation option, this was in favour of offers of being a regular starter but at a lesser club. Once I figured that they wouldn't need so much game time but would benefit more from the better training facilities, my players seemed to be happier with their loans.
  10. I have seen some schedules others have created and they tend to be developed to focus on the club DNA/style of play you want to go with. These did include both physical and tactical elements, which seems to work well for young players in my experience. Once a player reaches 18 they really need to be on the pitch to develop the mental attributes. So if you can get them a successful loan then it doesn't really matter what you're training them on as they won't be in your team to get trained. I'm sure others will correct me if I am wrong, but this is my understanding.
  11. I've always wondered about the enganche as you rarely see them used and would like to see how this goes for you following advice you recieve here. I have tried tactics with one before but he never seems to stand out. I think it's is perhaps a combination over having the wrong player for the role and my own lack of understanding of what he does/needs to be effective.
  12. I'm also wondering this. I am really keen to see how this works and how effective it is. It seems like it could really come alive in the new ME but as you rightly point out, there are teams who park the bus and if you do this with a strong team (like AC Milan) then the majority of opponents could park the bus, which renders most counter attacks in effective.
  13. I've just started a DNA save with Roma and am looking to implement this, what training would you recommend for this? EDIT: Oh and top work, this looks great and I can't want to see if I can knock Juv off their perch lol.
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