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  1. Hi knap, These two tactics wof343 106pts with poacher and goodbye343vol2 with poacher will be my favorites whichone is more consistent knap ? for underdog its better with goodbye? thanks
  2. Hi knap between wof 343 and goodbye 343 whichone better for team with less skill? wof 343 team shape flexible goodbye team shape very fluid but with be more disciplined instruction
  3. Hi knap vol4 : team shape very fluid, defense: Vulnerable if team consist of players with less skill vol3 : it is good vol2: i come back to this tactic, i find it is the best as its perfomance so consistent for me so knap vol2 is best, defensively and attacking thanks knap
  4. just want to update of wof343. For me Vol3 is better than Vol4 with Vol4, my team was playing a bit off as I used to watch my team playing. with Vol3, my team was playing with what I am used to but much better. Both Vol3 & Vol4, I have been training my players for the right position training Thanks Knap
  5. Yes knap, the hs version still working and working better for me than the iwb version.
  6. game 16 as i continue, versus liverpool screenshots of match overview vs liverpool 3-3 (their 3 goals come from coutinho get the ball on my right flank). So when they pass the ball to coutinho on right flank, my wb position often not in line to defend as he is often get overrun by coutinho. coutinho position often get behind my wb position making him easily get the ball and run the ball with it. Then i continue on to 2 matches vs brighton away (arsenal won 0-2) and burnley home (arsenal won 6-0) I think the tactic on 18.2 is already good, maybe a little bit of tweak while defen
  7. wof 343 vol2 high scoring ? 21 matches in, would you share until full season how the tactic goes in 18.2 is it better on 18.2 or 18.1.3 thanks knap
  8. A Football Manager 2018 update (v18.2.0) is now available to download. To get the update simply quit and restart Steam and your game should update to version 18.2.0. This update is fully save game compatible. Updates include but are not limited to the following: STABILITY - Fixed crash during match - Fixed crash during processing - Fixed crash entering match with large number of hotseat managers in save - Fixed crash during Fantasy Draft setup - Fixed crash on exiting game - Fixed crashes when using edited data PERFORMANCE - Optimised processing speed during s
  9. hi knap, this tactic is good and helped me with arsenal to 1st position until match 15 now the game is being updated to 18.2.0 with me v1818 i will wait for the updated version of this wof 343 so then i'll be confident to continue my save game. attached image shows how my arsenal progress with this tactic thanks
  10. FM 2018 being updated to 18.1.3, is it still working? mind me asking. I tried this with arsenal on 18.1.2 so far its been good, i am afraid to continue because have no idea if it still works on 18.1.3 Thanks
  11. this tweak is for 451 version or 442 version or both version? Thanks
  12. Thanks Knap, really great to see original 451 13.2 uploaded
  13. Knap, I shared ur link of fm13 tactic to user in FM-base for his huge testing project 2013. Just curious to test against other tactics with plug and play. Sorry I let u know after I shared ur link as I find that it's for fun competition anyway. Thanks.
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