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    65 yrs old on 14.01.07. Played both soccer and rugby to fairly high standard, until cartilage finis

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  1. If it hasn't already been mentioned. That the D of F be set to decide which players contracts to renew or otherwise, at the season's end.
  2. llama3, have I missed it or are you still working on the FM15 update?
  3. Thanks Linie but as I do not possess pc knowledge, I'm not sure that I even know what a .lnc file is.
  4. Please, speak for yourself. I like to use the extended team names e.g. Manchester Utd, Hull City, et cetera.
  5. Thanks Dr. Hook. I didn't want to waste a lot of ink in printing them out if I didn't need to.
  6. I hope this hasn't been asked already. Will this update still hold good for FM '15? Forgive if it has but I've been ill and away for a while and have not been able to keep up to date.
  7. What Spanish/Chinese player named Manuel Hung?
  8. Hi Geordie, I think the penny has dropped. Am I correct in thinking that these stadium pictures are not meant to be 'full screen'? I am seeing smaller pictures on most of my game screens, so I am hoping that I have them 'up and running'. Yea or nee?
  9. No joy, Geordie. Just in case, I have them installed exactly as you said SI\FM13\Graphics. That's it. I haven't gone further like - backgrounds\ etc. Am I wrong again or right?
  10. Hi Geordie. Install stadiums as per your instructions. I've tried the FMC skin and Steklo but cant get the stadiums to show at all. Can you enlighten me, please?
  11. Team "X" has a long pitch, this equals defending higher up. Scout says .....It is advised to deep. Which is the correct way forward, please?
  12. Did I see somewhere in the forums a list of retro tactics? I searched "retro tactics" but it revealed nothing. Was I imagining it or dreaming? Kind regards.
  13. Your download file says "unknown file". I don't know how to extract it to install it. I can only use the winrar system. Please can someone tell me how to open the downloaded file. Bearing in mind that I am not pc literate. The instructions need to be easily understood. Kindest regards.
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